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The relaxing scent of Lavender, the uplifting aroma of Sweet Orange, the deep base notes of Vetivert - aromatherapy evokes memories, emotions and healing effects.  Want to try different essential oils and experiment with different blends?  Our Essential Oil box includes a variety of essential oils and/or blends delivered to you every quarter.  

What is included in my box?
Each box has been curated by Herbalists Natalie & Leilah which have special themes for the included oils, such as "The Mind", "Digestion", "Summer Ready - Weight & Cellulite".  

Your AromaBox will arrive with 4 bottles of oils - 3 single essential oils (1/6 oz each) and 1 roll-on essential oil blend ready for use.  Along with your aromas, you will receive a detailed flyer with a description of each oil, 3 tips on using each oil, as well as any safety information.

When can I expect my delivery?
Orders will begin mailing between the 10th-20th of every month.  Orders will take approximately 7-10 days to arrive.

What can I do with essential oils?
Each box includes our AromaBox flyer which gives 3 tips on using each essential oil as well as a recipe which includes all the essential oils in the box.  

Essential oils can be added to carrier oils, lotions, salves, soaps, massage oils, bath salts, or used in an aromatherapy diffuser.  The options are endless!

What kind of essential oils can I expect?
We offer over 200 varieties of essential oils - making your box different for many months to come. Example of a box: 1/6 oz Organic Basil, 1/6 oz Lemongrass, 1/6 oz Geranium and 1/3 oz Lavender Peppermint Roll-On (a $39 value!)

Are the essential oils pure?
Yes, all of our essential oils are 100% pure.  The Herb Stop has been operating since 1992 and we have cultivated many relationships over the last few decades - with distillers and companies that represent them.  Only precious oils, such as Jasmine, Rose, Neroli and Sandalwood, will be stretched with Jojoba Oil which allows us to include precious essential oils into your AromaBox.

Can I purchase previous boxes?
Yes!  We are now offering previous boxes - click here to order yours today!

I would like to gift a subscription to a friend.  Can I do that?
Absolutely!  The AromaBox makes a wonderful gift!  If you would like to gift The AromaBox for a predetermined amount of time, click here for 3, 6 and 12 box options.  

If you would like a continuing subscription, add this subscription to your cart (see below) and enter the giftee's address under shipping details.

Interested in reviews of The AromaBox?
If you would like to read reviews from previous AromaBox selections, please click here for a variety of reviews. 

What is the price for an AromaBox subscription?
The AromaBox is only $24.95/quarter - including shipping!!!

Save even more by choosing a pre-paid subscription! AromaBoxes as low as $19.99 per box!  Click here for 3, 6 and 12 box options.  

Sign up today to start on your adventure with essential oils!

*only available within the United States 

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