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Black Currant Rooibos Tea


100% Natural & Vegan
If you’re ever looking for an incredibly unique place to spend a vacation, you need look no further than the Rock of Gibraltar. The experience of visiting this southernmost enclave of Britannia is odd, to say the least. One minute you’re in Southern Spain, enjoying tapas, red wine and oranges and the next, you’re washing down fish and chips with a warm lager followed by a handful of imported black currants for dessert. Truly, it is bizarre.

The standout features continue as well - Gibraltar is home to Europe’s only population of wild monkeys, and unlike the rest of the UK, cars are driven on the right hand side of the road. To say the least, it’s a one of a kind, kinda place. Adding to the mystique is the combination of cultures that have come together to populate this tiny corner of the globe. As the rock sits at the bottom of Europe, facing Africa, it has long served as a cultural crossroads of sorts, a meeting place for the many cultures that lie north and south of its borders.

Sitting at this crossroads, as it does, it seems fitting that an herbal blend inspired by the territory should also serve as a meeting point of sorts. As such, this blend combines black currants, a fruit typically associated with northern Europe, and marries them with Rooibos, an herb found only in Africa. Like Gibraltar, the cup stands out in a class of its own at once tart, lightly astringent and smoothly herbaceous. A cup of intrigue! Just like the ol’ Rock itself.

Ingredients: Rooibos, Currants, Blueberries, Lime Leaves & Natural Flavors.

Suggested Use: Drink 1 cup as desired.

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