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Himalayan Pink Salt Block

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100% Natural & Vegan
Perfect for cooking meats and vegetables or serving salad and sushi.  

Care & Cooking Instructions:
Himalayan Salt Blocks like to be pampered, especially at first. Be especially careful the first few times you heat up your salt block - fissures and cracks will appear and the color may change from its original pink to a whiter color. This is normal and after successive uses, you may find that the salt block regains some of its original hue, largely as a result of washing.
When cooking be sure to use only Himalayan Salt Blocks that are at least 1 inch thick, preferably 1 1/2 inches or more.
Using a gas range: Place the salt block on the stove top. Do not use an oven. Set heat to low and give the salt brick 15 minutes to heat up. You may notice moisture accumulating at the edges. As the salt block heats, this will evaporate off. The slower you do this, the better.
Using an electric range: This method works even better than a gas range, as there is less moisture and more even heat distribution. If heating on the stovetop, use a pastry ring or wok ring or metal object to elevate the salt slab slightly above the burner. Again, start at a very low temperature for about 10 minutes.
Turn up the heat to medium and wait another 5-10 minutes.
High Heat:
Set heat on high, and allow 5-10 minutes to achieve desired temperature. You can use an infrared thermometer.
Make sure not to burn your food. Salt picks up things like color fairly easily, so the more care you take with your cooking the better your salt will look.
After Cooking:
When done using your Himalayan Salt Block, let it cool. This will take time, a lot of time - possible 12+ hours. Be sure the piece is fully cooled to room temperature before washing.
Rise your Himalayan Salt Block under warm water. Remove from water and then scrub vigorously any areas where food has stuck or any glazing (from fat) has developed. Rinse again with water to wash clean.
Dry your Himalayan Salt Block with a clean rag or paper towerls. When dry, set on a drying rack, or any place where it can air dry.
Store in any location where the himidity is at a minimum.

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt Block

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