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Korean Ginseng Gum


Traditionally Tonifies the Spleen, Tonifies Lung, Tonifies Qi and Blood, Alleviates Thirst, Calms the Shen, Improves Mental Function and Tonifies Wei Qi. Traditionally Korean Ginseng has been one of the most celebrated and treasured of all East Asian herbs. It is famous for its ability to build energy and stamina. It is a potent adaptogen used for replenishing the body after extreme stress or weakness. It benefits immunity and is restorative and regulating to many of the body’s vital organ systems. It is noted for use in a wide variety of complaints including fatigue, debility, diabetes, poor cognitive function, impotence and immune deficiencies. This tasty gum is a handy way to boost energy throughout the day.

Ingredients (Botanical): 
Ingredients (Pin Yin): 
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