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Suan Zao Ren Tang

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Other Names: Ziziphus Decoction Formula, Tabellae Suanzaoren Tang
Traditionally Nourishes Liver and Heart Blood, Clears Deficiency Heat and Calms the Shen. Traditionally used for insomnia.

Ingredients (Botanical): Ziziphus jujuba seed, Ligusticum chuanxiong rhizome, Poria cocos fungus, Anemarrhena asphodeloides rhizome, Glycyrrhiza uralensis root
Ingredients (Pin Yin): Suan zao ren, Chuan xiong, Fu ling, Zhi mu, Gan cao

Suggested Use: 2-3 tablets, 3 x per day, or as directed.

1 bottle (50 tablets)

Safety Guideline: Contraindicated during pregnancy. 
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