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Waterfall Fountain Aromatherapy Diffuser with Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Remote


The World's First and Only Aromatherapy Diffuser & Waterfall Fountain w/ a Bluetooth Speaker

Diffusion, Light & Sound

The Cascade Fountain Diffuser provides soothing aromatherapy diffusion, tranquil ambient light, a cascading fountain, and the convenience of a bluetooth speaker. 

Link up your bluetooth device to play your favorite music, to accompany the calming light, ultrasonic diffusion, and waterfall to create a relaxing environment in any space. 

Stone Look and Feel

The Cascade was made from a special molded plastic that has the grain and feel of a stone. 

Wireless Remote Included

No need to get up, sit back and relax. Control the Cascade right from your favorite chair. If you misplace the remote, that is ok, you can control the diffuser from the side buttons. 

Water Tanks

This diffuser has two separate water tanks. One in the back for the diffusion only, and one in the front for the water fountain. 

Bluetooth Speaker

Connect any bluetooth compatible device with this unit and play your favorite music with rich sound from this extremely clear and high-quality speaker. 

Color Changing Lights

Choose to have an array of color-changing lights, or lock in a color. If you choose to run the diffuser without lights, that is also an option. 

Fountain and Diffusion

Run just the Fountain, just the diffuser, or run both at the same time. 


8" high x 6" wide  x 4.5" deep

Diffuses for 4 hours straight

Diffusion autoshuts off when empty

Fountain runs constant on as the water recycles

Use Tap or Bottled water only

Wireless remote and battery included

Manual Included

Water Funnel for easy filling

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