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Birth Date:January 21st & February 18th 

If your birthday falls between January 20th and February 20th your astrological sign is Aquarius. Additionally, if your astrological chart shows many planets in Aquarius, or if your Moon or Ascendant at the time of your birth were in Aquarius you may also want to balance possible Aquarian health conditions with herbs and natural remedies. Uranus is the planetary ruler, the rebellious planet. If you are not familiar with Astrology you may want to contact an astrologer or go this website to find out about your birth chart:

Aquarians have a tendency to have problems with the calves, ankles (organs of locomotion), the blood (anemia) and blood stream, the nervous system, many areas of the brain, and nerve impulses. (Restrictions in any form are irritating to the Aquarian, yet paradoxically as it may seem, inwardly they crave discipline). The herbs for Aquarius are valerian and lady’s slipper, nervines, herbs for emotional stress, anxiety and insomnia. These are also excellent for muscle cramps, nervous system, pain, spasms, and ulcers. Here are some herbal tea recipes you can prepare yourself, and other ideas to bring balance to the Aquarian person.

To Strengthen the Nervous System

Prepare this tea blend and drink several cups a day during and after stressful times to support and strengthen the nervous system.


Prepare a cup of this tea blend and drink warm one hour before bed to induce sleep.

Emotional Stress and Anxiety

Prepare a cup of this tea blend during an emotional crisis, for anxiety or panic attacks. It has a calming effect, helping you regain emotional balance.

Muscle Spasm and Pain

Prepare this tea when muscles are tight and painful. For a total relaxing experience sip it slowly while soaking in an Epsom salt bath.


Prepare this tea blend and drink warm, several cups a day, or whenever you suspect your ulcers acting up. This tea blend has a calming and soothing effect upon ulcers. 


Floravital makes an excellent herbal extract to combat anemia. Nettle leaf, Dong Quai, and Red Raspberry are excellent herbs for iron as well.

Vibrational Essences

Choose vibrational essences that bring inspiration, as well as an ability to follow one’s feelings in trying new endeavors, or when one’s thinking is stuck. Combine Stamina and Will Enhancement with Interest Expansion and Mental Motivation, and take 3 drops 3 times daily.

Leg & Foot Massage

Leg and foot massages are ideal for Aquarian people. Use Free the Soul anointing oil or make your own blend:

Astrological Tea Blend for Aquarius

The Herb Stop has formulated a delicious and health enhancing tea blend to bring balance to Aquarians.

  • Chocolate & Hazelnut Honeybush's decadent flavor inspires the Aquarian in you.
  • Lemon Balm soothes the nerves of the busy Aquarian.
  • Lavender calms the rebel in the Aquarian.
  • Star Anise inspires the Aquarian to change the world.
  • Valerian keeps the innovative Aquarian's feet firmly planted on the ground.
  • Cacao Nibs satisfies the indulgent Aquarian.
  • Malva's beautiful color stirs the thoughts of the Aquarian.
  • Oat Heads builds the nerves of the busy Aquarian.

How To Make A Cup Of Medicinal Tea

Place one heaping teaspoon of herbal blend in a tea filter or tea infuser placed into a cup or tea pot. Pour one cup freshly boiled water over the herbs and let this steep for approximately 20 minutes, then strain. Add a little honey if desired and drink warm.

How Often Can I Drink Medicinal Teas

For chronic issues drink 3-4 cups daily 3-4 months or longer. For acute issues drink ¼ cup every ½ hour until symptoms subside.

The right dosage always depends on a person’s metabolism, dietary habits, stress levels and other differences. As a general rule, a large and robust person requires greater dosages than a small and frail individual.  A calm and laid back person can get away with a lesser dosage than a more stressed, active and hyper person. Children require less; the following rule is often used:  Divide the child’s weight in pounds by 150 to give the approximate fraction of the adult dose.  Example:  A fifty-pound child will require 50/150 or 1/3 of the adult dose.


Happy Birthday Aquarians!

Leilah & Natalie

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA and is meant for informational purposes only.  This information is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure.
**Consult your healthcare practitioner before using any herbs in this article if you take pharmaceutical drugs or have a medical condition.
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