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Learn From Herbalists - The Beginning

Are you interested in improving your health and well-being with natural medicine? Are you unsure or overwhelmed of where to start? You can now learn from experienced and practicing Herbalists Leilah and Natalie, who use herbs daily as their primary form of medicine.

In this digital journey we will take you step by step through 26 comprehensive modules, introducing you to the basics, tips, popular herbs and our favorite recipe for each body system. Additionally, you will also learn medicine making and healing techniques in over 3 1/2 hours of our instructional videos.

Learning from experienced and practicing Herbalists allows you to gather valuable information about natural healing as well as giving you confidence to apply this knowledge to your life. This course will encourage herbalism in your daily life with these practical skills and easy medicine making techniques. You will feel empowered in your health journey.

Since we began teaching in 1995, the demand for our popular Herbalist classes has expanded to online learning. Join us on our digital journey with Learn From Herbalists - The Beginning

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Get access to your own Herbalist! Herbalists Leilah and Natalie will personally be reviewing your quizzes, tests and projects and will be accessible via email during your enrollment.

What You Will Learn

Delve into the world of herbs and their medicinal uses. You will learn about the different body systems including corresponding herbs, tips, recipes and other healing techniques. Included are medicine making tutorials, additional life enhancing tools such as eye washes, onion packs, neti pots, clays, aromatherapy, homeopathy, muscle testing, food recipes, Native American Herbalism, natural beauty techniques and so much more, to optimize your health.

For a detailed Syllabus, click here.

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Discover the Benefits of Herbal Education

Are you eager to unlock the secrets of natural healing and holistic well-being? Enrolling in our Learn From Herbalists course opens up a world of advantages for you:

1. Empower Your Health

Gain the knowledge and confidence to take control of your well-being. Learn how herbs and natural remedies can be powerful tools in your journey to better health.

2. Practical Skills

Our course equips you with hands-on, practical skills to create your own herbal remedies and healing solutions. Say goodbye to over-the-counter products.

3. Holistic Approach

Explore a holistic approach to health that considers the mind, body, and spirit. Understand how herbs can address the root causes of health issues.

4. Customize Your Health

With our guidance, you can tailor herbal remedies to your unique needs, ensuring a personalized approach to your health and wellness.

5. Time-Tested Wisdom

Benefit from the wisdom of experienced Herbalists who have honed their craft over decades. Their insights will accelerate your herbal journey.

6. Online Convenience

Access our course online, anytime, and at your own pace. No need to disrupt your daily schedule; learning fits into your life.

7. Personalized Support 

You're not alone on your herbal journey. Our course provides you with personalized support, ensuring you have the guidance and assistance you need to succeed. Whether it's through quizzes, tests, or project evaluations, we're here to help you thrive in your exploration of herbs and natural remedies.


Don't miss out on the incredible benefits of our Learn From Herbalists - The Beginning course. Start your journey today and experience the transformative power of herbs and natural remedies in your life.

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