Meet Our Herbalists

Herbalist Leilah

Leilah, Swiss trained Pharma-Assistant

Leilah is the founder of The Herb Stop and has worked as an herbalist for over 46 years. Having been healed from a "terminal" illness by herbs that her Grandmother gave her, she was inspired to help others through natural means.  

Leilah has a diploma in Pharma-Assistance and worked in an apothecary in Switzerland which prepared her to become a well trained herbalist and healthcare professional.

Leilah has authored four books, Mastering the World of Herbs, Life Essences, Botanicals And The Seven Chakras, Botanicals and Signs of the Zodiac. 

Leilah's extensive education includes:

  • Various Certifications in Homeopathy and Flower Essences from Boiron, Dr. Edward Bach, Desert Alchemy (1989-2002)
  • Herbology courses, Iridology courses, Reflexology courses, Spectro-Therapy Courses from the Canadian College of Natural Healing in Ottawa, ON (1975-1989)
  • Pharma-Assistant Degree from Kaufmännische Berufsschule in Biel, Switzerland (1965-1969)

Leilah's professional experience includes:

  • Manager of The Herb Stop in Pine, AZ (2002 - Present)
    • Responsibilities include ordering, education, consulting, mail orders, formulation, product creation, herbal consulting as an     herbalist, teaching 34-week herbalist program classes, herbal presentations to various organizations.
  • Founder of Herb Stop (1992-2002) 
    • Responsibilities included hiring, ordering, inventory, education, daily operations, accounting, product creation including formulation and labeling, teaching multiple 18 week classes on herbalism.
  • Volunteer Herbalist at Gentle Strength Co-op in Tempe, AZ (1990-1992)
    • Responsiblities included ordering, inventory, daily operations, herbal consulting with customers.
  • Oral Surgery Assistant and Office Manager for Dr. John Hajdu, MD, DDS, OMFS in Ottawa, ON (1977-1989)
    • Responsible for hiring, ordering, inventory, daily operations
    • Assisted oral surgery in the operating room
  • Pharma-Assistant for Apothecary in Biel, Switzerland.
    • Responsibilities included applying skills at a pharmacy/apothecary, counseling people on a broad spectrum in regards to their health and well-being, and medicines, both pharmaceutical and botanical medicine, as well as working in the laboratory compounding pills, syrups and salves


Natalie Voakes, Herbalist

Natalie has studied herbalism under Leilah for more than 20 years and has served the public as an herbalist for 20 years.  She has a double certification from Clayton College of Natural Health in Family & Consulting Herbalism, certification from the School of Natural Healing as a Family Herbalist, as well as completing the American Botanical Council’s Herbal Information Specialist Courses I & II. Recently she has received certification for Spectro-Chrome Therapy as well as Reiki I & II.  Currently Natalie is working on Certification in Iridology. Natalie has successfully recovered from a myriad of digestive illnesses (including gallstones, chronic gastritis and duodenal ulcers) as well as open heart surgery (aortic valve replacement due to a birth defect - bicuspid aortic valve), and is a passionate vegan.

Natalie has authored the booklet Top 8 Essential Oils - Scents For Your Senses.

Natalie's education includes:

  • Fundamental Essential Oil Chemistry Principles & Guidelines from Tisserand Institute (2018)
  • Essential Oil Safety Masterclass Certification from Tisserand Institute (2018)
  • Therapeutic Foundations of Essential Oils from Tisserand Institute (2016)
  • Animal Psychology Certification from Holly & Hugo (2015)
  • Diet & Nutrition Certification from Aim Redstone (2015)
  • Sports & Nutrition Certification from Aim Redstone (2015)
  • Spectro-Chrome Therapist Certification from Colored Light Studios (2013)
  • Reiki I & II Practitioner from tru-LIFE Center for Reiki Training in Arizona (2013)
  • Family Herbalist Certification from The School of Natural Healing in Utah (2011-2012)
  • Herbal Information Specialist I & II from the American Botanical Council (2011)
  • Family Herbalist Certification & Consulting Herbalist Certification from Clayton College of Natural Health in Alabama (2001-2010)
    • Completed with Highest Honors

Natalie's professional experience includes:

  • President of The Herb Stop in Pine, AZ (2006-Present)
    • Responsibilities include ordering, hiring, inventory, education, daily operations, accounting, formulation, teaching 34 week herbalist program classes, product creation and formulation, label creation.
    • Herbal consulting for customers, herbal companies, massage therapists, Doctors and spas.
    • Manufacturing for Herb Stop as well as other companies.
  • Owner and manager of The Herb Stop (1995-2005)
    • Responsible for hiring, ordering, inventory, education, daily operations, accounting, product creation, including formulation and labeling, teaching multiple eighteen week classes on herbalism
    • Began a small warehouse and began manufacturing