Gift Giving Ideas

When searching for gift ideas for the Holidays and special occasions, finding a unique and meaningful gift doesn't have to be difficult.  Herb Stop has over 2500 healthy and heartfelt products to choose from.  Check out some of our favorite gift giving ideas below:


Aromatherapy Diffuser and Essential Oil Kit Gift

Is someone looking to get into the art of aromatherapy?  A diffuser paired with an Essential Oil Starter Kit makes the perfect gift! Click here!


Power Shakes Gift
Power shakes add a little something extra for those tasty morning shakes!  Click here!


Astrological Teas Gift
Astrological Teas and a celestial tea infuser is perfect for the tea drinker that is looking for a unique addition to their collection!  Click here and here!  We have hundreds of teas to choose from - click here!


Anointing Oil Gift
Anointing Oils are a special gift for someone who enjoys having special moments!  Click here!


Mastering the Herbal World Book Gift
Looking for a gift for a book lover and herbal enthusiast? Mastering the World of Herbs by Leilah is a collection of Leilah's favorite herbal information! Click here!


Herb Stop Gift Card Gift
Does your herbal goodie lover know what they want - a Gift Card of any denomination is an exciting surprise!  Click here!


Bodybuilding Power Shakes Gift
Power Shakes formulated for athletes and gym goers!  Click here!


Three Kings Gift
Three Kings gifts are a unique and exciting gift!  Click here and here!


Herb Classes Gift
Looking for a gift for an herbalist or an aspiring herbalist?  Our three part Become An Herbalist Program beings in May - preregister the herbalist-to-be!  Click here!


Exotic Spices Gift
Looking for some exotic spices for the chef in your family or circle of friends?  These spices are sure to please!  Click here!


Essential Oil Starter Kit Gift
Essential Oil Starter Kit makes an excellent gift for an essential oil lover!  Click here!


Unrefined Raw Salts Gift
Unrefined colorful salts make an exciting an healthful gift!  Click here!


Barbecue Seasoning Gift
Barbecue lovers? Perhaps smokey foods just taste amazing? These spices have all the smokey flavor you need to excite their palate!  Click here!


Essential Oil Padded Case Gift
Do those precious essential oils need a home?  These padded carrying cases come in various sizes and give those oils a safe place!  Click here!


Basic Essential Oil Gift
Want to add to their essential oil collection?  These beloved essential oils are popular and smell amazing!  Click here!


Unique Essential Oils Gift
Looking for some unique essential oil to add to an already expanding collection?  These rare and different essential oils will be loved by any aromatherapist! Click here!


Precious Essential Oils Gift
Precious essential oils are a highly treasured gift!  Everyone loves a bottle of Rose or Jasmine!  Click here!


Natural skin care is always a welcomed and loved gift!  Normal and oily skin types will love these products!  Click here!


Feeling a bit dry as winter approaches? No worries, your gift recipient will love these nourishing skin care goodies!  Click here!


Is someone feeling a bit achy and stiff?  These herbal goodies make wonderful gifts!  Click here!


School teacher? Nurses? Working with big crowds? These immune enhancing herbs make wonderful gifts!  Click here!


A little natural lather for that beautiful hair?  Natural shampoos and conditioners are a welcome addition to shower time!  Click here!


Need a gift that's a little more spiritual?  Smudges make wonderful gifts!  Click here!


A few different stocking stuffers?  These small smudge bundles, palo santo and mini abalone shell with loose sage are comforting gifts!  Click here!


Herbal Stocking Stuffers
Stocking stuffers everywhere!  Handmade soaps, lip balms, teaballs, Thai inhalers, Ginseng gum, Nails and Cuticles oil, Lavender dryer bags and so much more!!  Click here!


Looking for a fun T-Shirt?  How about an Herbalist shirt from Herb Stop!


Happy Holidays!!!

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