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4 Supportive Herbs for Menopause + The Science Behind Them

Older woman holding flowers

Menopause is a completely normal phase of life for women. While it’s not a disease or disorder, it can come with uncomfortable physical and mental symptoms. Since menopause usually lasts around seven years, addressing any discomfort is essential!

While some women may need to see a doctor for help with symptoms, many can adjust their lifestyle and use herbal remedies to support their bodies as they change. Of course, we always recommend speaking with your healthcare provider about what is best for you! 

However, we want to share some fascinating research into menopause and how herbs can help with common symptoms like hot flashes, moodiness, depression, irritability, insomnia, headaches, and much more. Keep reading for an overview of some remedies herbalists have traditionally used to treat menopause symptoms and what scientists are learning about these herbs. 

Red Clover

Herbalists frequently use red clover to promote healthy detoxification and blood cleansing. However, it’s also been shown to help with certain menopause symptoms like hot flashes and slowing bone loss. 

One review of 11 studies on menopausal women showed that red clover was more effective at lessening hot flashes than the placebo. In particular, the women taking red clover were shown to have fewer hot flashes than the control group. Study participants also reported vaginal dryness improved as they took red clover supplements. 

Two other studies demonstrated that taking red clover supplements may slow bone loss in women experiencing menopause. 

One of the studies concluded that red clover isoflavones may have “a potentially protective effect on the lumbar spine in women.” 

The other study concluded that the women taking red clover showed a significant increase in bone mineral density. However, more research is needed to understand its effects fully. 

Interested in trying red clover? 

Our Red Clover Capsules make adding red clover to your diet easy to promote healthy detoxification and help alleviate some menopausal symptoms.  Prefer a tea? Our Red Clover Tea is easy to use and pleasant to drink.

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh has been a long-time favorite for many herbalists easing menopausal symptoms. 

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, black cohosh research suggests it may reduce menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes. 

More research is needed, but a 2017 review of recent research on black cohosh led to black cohosh extracts being approved for menopause symptom treatment in Europe, which is a promising sign! 

Here are a couple of our top recommendations for easy ways to incorporate black cohosh: 

  • Black Cohosh Capsules: These capsules are traditionally used to relieve pain from occasional menstrual cramps, ease hot flashes, and lessen nervous irritation - a great choice if you’re looking to support healthier female reproductive function. 
  • Cycle Balance Capsules: These capsules are formulated to support more balanced estrogen and progesterone levels. Estrogen and progesterone are steroid hormones that greatly affect the development, function, and regulation of the uterus. When these hormones are thrown off balance, it can cause many undesirable symptoms for women of all ages. 
  • Centered Woman Capsules: Whether you are looking to support female changes during menopause or optimize female hormonal balance, this powerhouse capsule may be a great choice. 


Sage has been shown to help reduce a variety of menopause symptoms. One study published in the National Library of Medicine demonstrated that many participants who took 100mg of sage extract daily for four weeks had a decrease in night sweats, hot flashes, panic, brain fog, and fatigue. 

Traditionally, sage is recommended for many perspiration-related symptoms, including hot flashes and night sweats. 

If you’re interested in trying sage and supporting your body during hot flashes or night sweats, check out these herbal remedies: 

  • Cool Down Capsules: Our Cool Down Capsules contain a powerful combination of sage, motherwort, wild yam, black cohosh, eleuthero, and Korean ginseng to help alleviate hot flashes and night sweats and promote hormonal balancing. Wild yam, black cohosh, eleuthero, and Korean ginseng provide hormone support, while sage acts as a natural antiperspirant. 
  • Clary Sage Essential Oil: Another great option is Clary Sage Essential Oil, traditionally used as a sedative, soother, and hormonal balancer. Many of our clients love this for reducing their PMS, menstrual cramps, or menopausal symptoms. It may also calm breakouts and rejuvenate the skin, which some women experience changes in during menopause. 

Valerian Root

Valerian root is a popular herb for men and women because it may support greater relaxation, calmness, and improved sleep. 

For women experiencing hot flashes and insomnia, valerian root may be beneficial because of its purported benefits for improving sleep, relaxation, and even mild pain relief. Some have even nicknamed this herb “nature’s Valium” because of its widespread use for anxiety relief. 

Recent studies have shown that valerian supplements were significantly more effective at lessening hot flash severity than the placebo. While this is a subjective, self-reported study, this is certainly promising! 

During our research, we also found a study that looked at 100 menopausal women and how valerian root combined with lemon balm affected them. This study reported that the valerian root and lemon balm group experienced improved sleep quality over the placebo group. 

Interested in trying valerian root? We have several fantastic valerian root offerings that many of our clients enjoy: 

  • Valerian Root Capsules: For a pure valerian root supplement, try these capsules, which promote more restful sleep and may soothe your nervous system if you’re struggling with anxiety, insomnia from worry, irritability, or depression. 
  • Heart Felt Capsules: These are one of our favorite recommendations for someone looking to support lessened stress, insomnia, and menopause symptoms. Heart Felt Capsules combine valerian root, hawthorn berry, motherwort, and eleuthero root to calm the emotional heart and support healthier blood pressure levels. 

    We hope today’s guide on herbal remedies for menopause symptoms gave you some ideas of ways to support your body during this transformative time. 

    Much Love, 

    Herbalists Natalie & Leilah

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