Dalmatian Sage Essential Oil

5 Ways To Use Dalmatian Sage Essential Oil

Dalmatian Sage Essential Oil

What is Dalmatian Sage?

Dalmatian Sage is another variety of sage that belongs to a very large genus of plants, Salvia. It's Latin name is Salvia officinalis, meaning the Official Sage. Most of us are familiar with this plant for cooking. It is often used in salad dressings, tomato sauces, beans and in poultry dishes.

The leaves yield a colorless to pale-yellow oil when steam distilled. The scent is herbaceous, camphoraceous, warm, earthy and fresh. Sage blends well with other "spice" essential oils and citruses, but in particular LavenderRosemary, Oregano, Lemon and Hyssop.

Common Sage is added to blends that focus on respiratory function, digestive function, hormonal balancing, normalizing skin care and perspiration. This oil has a powerful astringent effect that reduces all secretions in the body making it useful for deodorizers, night sweats, and excessive perspiration. This oil is also beneficial for its antiseptic and antibacterial benefits.

Emotionally, Dalmatian Sage is very uplifting and beneficial for too much mental activity. However, this oil is very powerful and may cause a little dizziness if focused inhalation continues for too long. I find this oil is best used with other essential oils to soften the effects of the Thujone. 

There are many ways to use Dalmatian Sage essential oil. Here are my 5 favorite ways to use this oil:

Deodorant Spray

If you live in Arizona, you are familiar with the need to use deodorant on a regular basis! The heat here can force our bodies to produce intense perspiration as a way to keep ourselves cool. Dalmatian Sage's ability to act as an antiperspirant makes this essential oil one of the absolute best ingredients in this natural spray.

Blend the oils, alcohol and water in a 2 ounce dark bottle. Shake before use. Spray under the arms, on the feet or any other areas that are in need of deodorizing.


Our kitchen trash is hidden away in a cabinet to observe good Feng Shui. It keeps the kitchen looking and smelling clean. Although, occasionally I open that drawer and realize it has gone past the time where I should have taken out the trash.Yuck! After taking out the trash, I use this spray in the bottom of the trash can and a little bit around the kitchen to freshen up the space.

Blend the oils, alcohol and water in a 2 ounce dark bottle. Shake well before using around the home.

Power Surge Cooling Spray

Working in the health care industry for the last 20 years, I can confidently say that there are a few questions I can expect to hear every day. One of those is how to control hot flashes. I never understood the intensity of hot flashes until I experienced them post open heart surgery. I would ask the nurse for hot blankets until there were 4-5 on top of me. Within minutes, I was begging for a bag of ice, sweating like I never have before. At that moment, I understood why all these women needed help! That intense wave is certainly a power surge!

Blend the oils, alcohol and water in a 2 ounce dark bottle. Shake before use. Spray on the back of the neck and on the chest. Avoid use on the face.

Oily Hair Blend

Oily hair is the worst! You can't style it, it's heavy and looks greasy. If you suffer from oily scalp and your hair is showing the signs, try this essential oil blend in your shampoo and conditioner.

Place unscented hair care product, such as Simply Gentle Shampoo or Simply Gentle Conditioner, in a clean bowl. Add essential oils. With a clean whisk gently incorporate the essential oils into your product until completely mixed. Pour or scoop your finished product back into the original containers. Use when you wash your hair.

*Clean and "sterilize" your bowl and whisk by adding 1 tsp of Everclear alcohol to the bowl and wiping down the entire bowl and whisk with a clean paper towel.

Mental Strain

If you're burning the candle at both ends, then this oil is for you. Over-studying and working can sometimes cause mental strain and fatigue. Use this oil blend in a diffuser when your mind gets stuck!

Blend the oils in a small dark glass bottle. Use 3-5 drops in your diffuser as desired.

Safety Guidelines

There are a few safety guidelines that should be observed when using Sage essential oil. 

  • Never use this essential oil internally.
  • Excessive use can cause nervous system irritation - including vertigo.
  • Not for use by women who are pregnant or nursing.
  • Not for use on sensitive skin.
  • Use this oil sparingly. Always properly dilute before using this oil.

Enjoy this scent for your senses!

Herbalist Natalie

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