Woman Holding Her Nose Because of Sinus Headache

6 Must-Try Headache Busting Herbal Remedies

Woman Holding Her Nose Because of Headache

Few things are more frustrating than sitting down to work on anything requiring a little focus when you have a massive headache. 

Whether you struggle with headaches due to stress, jaw pain, a medical condition, eye strain, tension, hunger, or the many other things that can trigger headaches, know that you’re not alone. 

The Neuroscience Center at NNA estimates that as many as eight million Americans visit their doctor yearly for headaches or headache-related issues. While some headaches are caused by a medical condition that may require treatment from your doctor, you may be able to alleviate others with the help of herbal remedies. 

Today, we’re going to tackle the headaches in the latter group and discuss some of the top headache-busting herbal remedies for freeing yourself from these pesky ailments.  


Many people love peppermint's crisp, refreshing smell, and its many touted benefits, including headache-busting, are almost too many to keep track of! 

One study found that topical treatment with peppermint essential oil was significantly more effective than the placebo. This study also noted that peppermint oil targets headaches in multiple ways and has an efficacy comparable to paracetamol, also commonly known as acetaminophen (Tylenol). 

Try these supportive peppermint products: 

  • Peppermint Essential Oil: Peppermint’s stimulating, cooling, and refreshing effects are ideal for encouraging headache relief. It’s also commonly used for depression, confusion, indecision, melancholy, poor memory, and colds, making it a great choice if you struggle with sinus pain or sinus headaches. 
  • Migra-Gone Roll-On Oil Blend: This soothing essential oil blend contains lavender, peppermint, orange, ylang ylang, rosemary, and more to promote calmness, pain relief from aches and pains in the head, neck, and shoulders, and coolness. Apply to the back of your neck and temples and relax as this blend soothes the mind and body. 

Valerian Root

Valerian root has been shown to impact the frequency and severity of headaches. 

One study demonstrated that participants struggling with tension-type headaches who took valerian root extract had a significant reduction in headache frequency, how disabling the headache was to their day-to-day activities and the severity of headache symptoms. 

Our Valerian Root Extract is an easy way to incorporate valerian root into your routine to promote greater relaxation and less headaches, insomnia episodes, and tension. 

Another great option is taking a hot bath to relax your mind and body! We recommend our Valerian & Chamomile Bath Salts for the ultimate, relaxing bath to soothe your nerves and muscles.  


Skullcap has been traditionally used in natural medicine to treat inflammation, headaches, infections, allergies, and much more. 

As its name suggests, many of its touted benefits are related to the head and skull, which is why many use it for migraines and headaches because of its soothing properties. 

Researchers have found that skullcap may positively impact mood and lessen anxiety by stimulating gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is a neurotransmitter known for calming the nervous system, and many anxiety medications work by enhancing its activity in the brain. 

Try these soothing Skullcap remedies: 

  • Skullcap/Passion Flower Extract: Skullcap combined with calming passion flower create this powerful extract. Passion flower is considered best for nervous headaches, migraines, and TMJ (jaw) pain, so if your headaches fall into those categories, you may want to try this amazing extract! 
  • Skullcap Capsules: Our capsules are an easy way to keep skullcap on hand for migraines. They may calm the nerves and aid the nervous system. 


Feverfew is one of the most used herbal remedies among migraine sufferers. Many who take it claim that it helps reduce the frequency and severity of headaches and symptoms, like nausea or vomiting, which often come with migraines. 

Feverfew is still in the early stages of research. However, initial studies have shown promising results on how it may reduce migraine frequency. 

For example, a large, recent study has reported a notable difference in participants taking feverfew versus a placebo. The participants taking feverfew noted fewer migraine attacks per month. Researchers concluded that this was a positive sign to continue studying feverfew for migraine relief.  

Interested in trying feverfew? Try our Feverfew Capsules to support yourself when you feel a headache or migraine coming on. 

White Willow

White willow is nicknamed “natural aspirin” because it contains salicin, a chemical similar to aspirin. As a result, it’s commonly used for lowering fevers and pain relief from headaches, arthritis, back pain, and other pains. 

Most conclusions about white willow as a pain reliever are based on “well-established use,” meaning there is a long record of data and scientific evidence of their effectiveness but not as much specific research in clinical trials. 

However, recent clinical studies have focused on white willow’s effect on back pain and osteoarthritis with great success. The European Medicines Agency also notes that white willow works similarly to aspirin by blocking enzymes that cause pain and inflammation. It was also noted that white willow might be helpful for headaches linked to the common cold. 

In short, if you experience headaches when you’re under the weather, sinus headaches, or headaches due to inflammation, white willow may be a good choice for supporting yourself.  

Interested in trying white willow? Take a look at these white willow remedies: 

  • White Willow Capsules: Capsules are probably the quickest way to take white willow if you feel a headache coming on. We recommend taking two capsules as needed or as directed by your doctor. 
  • Harmony For Your Head Tea: This tea combines white willow bark with a huge number of supportive headache-busting herbs, including nettles, lavender, feverfew, and spearmint. The perfect drink to sip when you’re experiencing a pounding headache! 


Lavender is a soothing herb that many find reduces stress and tension levels. If you struggle with headaches caused by stress or tension, inhaling lavender essential oil or taking a bath with lavender may help alleviate your stress or tension and, subsequently, your headache. 

Research backs many of these traditional uses up too! 

Research has shown that out of 128 participants, 92 responded to lavender inhalation when experiencing headache attacks, demonstrating that lavender essential oil may be an effective way to manage migraine headaches. 

Here are a few easy ways to incorporate lavender into your routine to reduce stress and tension: 

  • Lavender Essential Oil: A fantastic choice for diffusing in the home or adding to a favorite carrier oil or lotion for topical application! Lavender is well known for its anti-inflammatory, headache-relieving effects. 
  • Calming Elixir Extract: Do you struggle with tension headaches, anxiety, or insomnia? Try our Calming Elixir Extract containing lavender, valerian root, passion flower, and more to soothe occasional headaches, stress, and insomnia. 
  • Lavender Peppermint Roll-On Oil Blend: This blend contains powerful peppermint and lovely lavender essential oil to create a scent ideal for relaxing the mind and body. Perfect for you if you struggle with stress-related or tension headaches! 

Headaches and migraines are never fun to experience, so we hope today’s piece gave you plenty of inspiration for better managing and preventing headaches so that you can go back to enjoying your day! 

Warm Wishes, 

Herbalist Natalie & Herbalist Leilah

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