Woman covering her face with both hands

Beat the Heat This Summer with these Fantastic Herbal Remedies & Iced Teas

Woman covering her face with both hands

Many of us find ourselves outside more during the summer, enjoying the beautiful sunshine, longer daylight hours, and fun summer activities like swimming and hiking. 

However, getting overheated, sunburnt, and dehydrated in this weather is easy. 

So, besides drinking lots of water, what kind of herbal remedies can you use to beat the heat this summer? Here are some of our favorite essential oils, iced teas, and natural skin care products to keep yourself cool and protected during warmer weather. 

The Best Essential Oils to Stay Cool

Scientific research has shown that peppermint oil creates a long-lasting cooling effect on the skin and even increases blood flow to the applied area. Researchers also found that peppermint oil applied to the forehead increased cognitive performance and promoted greater relaxation

In short, peppermint oil has been proven to be an excellent choice for many people looking to stay cool, reduce headaches, and promote better relaxation. We recommend applying peppermint essential oil inside a carrier oil, salve, or lotion to areas like your temples, forehead, or the back of your neck to stay cool and relaxed during hot weather. 

A few of our favorite essential oils to apply topically (always diluted or within a carrier oil, lotion, or salve) include: 

  • Peppermint Essential Oil: Herbalists have used peppermint oil for many years to ease headaches and create a cooling, stimulating, and refreshing effect. It’s fantastic for giving yourself a cognitive boost during an afternoon slump or hot day! 
  • Be Cool Roll-On Essential Oil Blend: Try this cooling blend of lime, lavender, peppermint, and sage in a beautiful base of pure golden jojoba oil for staying cool on the go. Even better, this blend works great as a deodorant making it perfect for hot, sweaty days! 
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil: A fantastic cooling but stimulating essential oil that herbalists have traditionally used for cooling and refreshing the mind and body. We even like to add a drop or two of this on our pillows to promote freer breathing overnight, which is especially helpful when spring & summer allergies kick in. 
  • Bergamot Mint Essential Oil: If you want the benefits of peppermint essential oil, but find the scent overpowering, try our Bergamot Mint Essential Oil. While still a little minty, this essential oil has a gentle and citrusy scent that many find uplifting and calming. 

Delicious Herbal Iced Teas

We typically think of herbal teas in the fall and winter when we want to cozy up with something warm and soothing. However, many herbal teas are absolutely fabulous iced. 

Here are a few of our favorite herbal iced teas to beat the summer heat: 

  • Shirley Temple Honeybush Tea: This sweet yet bubbly and tart tea is absolutely perfect for a refreshing drink on the beach or while enjoying your patio. Add a splash of sparkling water to this for an extra special drink! 
  • Mango Lemonade Herb & Fruit Tea: A refreshing, scrumptious drink made from lemon and sweet tropical mango. We love this tea hot or iced and often add a small pinch of sugar to take it to the next level. 
  • Passion Fruit Black Tea: If you’re looking to give yourself a boost in the morning or afternoon, this premium black tea is a rich, fruity, and floral choice that is absolutely incredible iced. 
  • Orange Pineapple Herb & Fruit Tea: For those who love sweet but tart drinks, you’ll adore this pineapple and orange tea, complete with apple pieces, hibiscus, and rosehips. We also love freezing this tea to make popsicles! 

You can make a fantastic herbal mocktail with many of these delicious herbal teas. Read our full guide on herbal mocktails for more inspiration. 

Protect Your Skin This Summer

In addition to protecting your skin with sunblock, a hat, and sunglasses, switching up your skincare to support yourself during hot, irritating weather is a must! 

Here are some of our most popular summer skincare products: 

  • Cooling Cucumber Toner: Like cucumbers, this toner is refreshing and soothing to red, hot, and irritated skin. We recommend this toner for any skin type that needs a quick pick-me-up because of its supportive cucumber distillate, organic aloe leaf juice, witch hazel, tea tree essential oil, and white willow bark extract. Aloe leaf juice is especially good for the summer as it is known for its incredible anti-inflammatory effects, while witch hazel promotes natural cleansing and cooling in the skin. 
  • Power Surge Cooling Mist: This mist is ideal for staying cool on the go and can easily be thrown into your purse. We recommend this mist for warm weather or for anyone who runs hot or experiences hormonal “power surges.” 
  • Cooling Cucumber Lotion: This hydrating lotion for the body and face support your skin with rich antioxidants, aloe juice, coconut oil, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and rose hydrosol. Almost anyone with dry or irritated skin can benefit from this, but the rose hydrosol makes it especially supportive for those with sensitive, dry, mature, or devitalized skin. 
  • Hydrating Aloe Jelly: A must-have summer staple! Many enjoy using aloe jelly after sun exposure because of its ability to promote coolness and hydration. Apply as a hydrating facial masque, light moisturizer for the face and body, or post-sun, cooling body gel. You can even use this as a shaving jelly! 

Stay cool and hydrated this summer, and enjoy your fun in the sun! 

We hope this article inspired you with some ideas for keeping yourself cool outdoors with soothing essential oils and delicious iced tea. Don’t forget to treat your skin to some TLC afterward!

Stay hydrated! 

Herbalists Natalie & Leilah

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