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Beets: This Superfood’s Top 4 Health Benefits + How to Reap Them

Bunch of beets of grey background

If you’ve ever eaten a beet, you may have come away from the experience feeling like beets are a bit of an acquired taste. This is many people’s initial reaction to this earthy, slightly bitter vegetable, and it can leave many turned off by it. 

However, we urge you to give beets a second chance (whether eating them or incorporating an herbal supplement) because beets have an incredible number of health benefits. Learn all about beet health benefits, what scientific research says about these superfoods, and how you can incorporate beets into your lifestyle in this article.

May Support Healthy Digestion

One of the most commonly cited health claims about beets is that they are fantastic for digestive health. Herbalists have been using beet supplements to support healthy digestion for a long time, but what does current research say about beets and their health benefits?

For starters, beets are considered an excellent fiber source, which is highly beneficial for supporting the body’s digestion. 

A 2020 study found that dietary fiber may help change gut microbiota and metabolic regulation in humans, meaning that it helps feed gut-friendly bacteria and aids in digestion. Healthier digestion is believed to have many benefits, from preventing constipation and other serious digestive conditions like inflammatory bowel disease (IBS). 

The Cleveland Clinic also shares that beet’s high fiber may support lower cholesterol levels, improved regularity, a healthier weight, and more ideal blood sugar levels. 

To support healthy digestion and metabolism, we recommend our Beet Root Juice Powder. Beets are rich in folate, fiber, and potassium, which promote healthier digestion, energy levels, and improved metabolism. This pure organic beet root juice powder is fantastic added to water, a breakfast shake, juice, or other foods. The beautiful red/purple gives anything you add it to a nice color, too! 

May Enhance Athletic Performance and Energy Levels

Beets are rich in powerful nutrients, including dietary nitrates, which may enhance energy levels and athletic performance. 

One study indicated that nitrates seemed to affect the participants’ physical performance by improving the mitochondria’s efficiency. Mitochondria create energy in your cells, so whether you want to improve your energy during a run or a busy work day, this may be a huge benefit to you! 

Another fascinating study in Med Sci Sports demonstrated that one dose of beetroot juice enhanced cycling performance by increasing nitric oxide availability in the body. 

In short, consuming beets, beet juice, or supplements may help you improve oxygen use and endurance, which is terrific for anyone looking to boost their energy levels. 

A few powerful herbal supplements we recommend include: 

  • Daily Dose Power Shake: This vitamin and mineral-rich, delicious shake is packed with outstanding whole foods and herbs, including beets, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, carrots, and wheatgrass. You can add it to water, juice, your morning shake, or even yogurt, bread, cereals, and oatmeal for a burst of added nutrients to promote greater energy levels and well-being. 
  • Herbal Minerals Capsules: This capsule formula contains incredible whole foods and herbs, such as red clover, spinach, leek, dandelion leaf, chamomile, and beet tops, to give you some extra pep in your step. Perfect for those interested in promoting better energy levels and well-being. 

Interested in incorporating beets into your diet? Check out our article on delicious beet recipes. Even if you’ve tried beets before and weren’t a fan, we recommend giving them another chance with these yummy recipes!

May Encourage Healthier Blood Pressure Levels

Beets are rich in folate, which a handful of scientific studies have shown could help lower blood pressure levels. Other studies have demonstrated that beets may decrease elevated blood pressure levels, which is considered a significant risk factor for different types of heart disease, a leading cause of premature death.

In a randomized controlled trial, beetroot supplementation was shown to lower daily systolic blood pressure in participants. Researchers monitored participants’ blood pressure in three ways: resting, home monitoring, and 24-hour ambulatory monitoring. Beetroot supplementation was deemed to have associated beneficial effects on daily systolic blood pressure in this trial.  

Beets are also a good source of potassium, which supports more flexible blood vessels. The result? Flexible blood vessels often help lower blood pressure.

Our Beet Root Juice Capsules are an excellent choice for supporting healthier blood pressure levels and cardiovascular function. They are easy to take and incorporate into your day-to-day life, making them a good option for anyone trying to add beets into their life. We recommend these capsules for those interested in adding extra dietary fiber, potassium, betaine, and folate into their diet for additional support. 

May Have Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Beets have natural pigments, betalains, which are believed to have many favorable health effects on anything from oxidative stress, inflammation, hypertension, cancer, and the stenosis of the arteries. 

A study on betalains found that it decreased oxidative stress and demonstrated a protective effect against some types of acute kidney damage, which researchers think was a result of the protection against inflammation.  

Another study showed that both raw beet juice and cooked beet in hypertensive participants improved hypertension and systemic inflammation. 

If you’re interested in supporting your body with beets, we recommend incorporating any of the previously mentioned beet supplements (after speaking with your doctor, of course!) or sipping on a cup of delicious Pumpkin Pie Herb & Fruit Tea

This warm, savory tea has a lightly sweet finish and no caffeine, making it an excellent choice for relaxation when you feel overwhelmed. With its beet, apple, carrot, and hibiscus, you can feel at ease with the delicious, smooth, and wholesome ingredients you’re providing your body. 

Take a moment to sit down, relax, and enjoy a cup of tea this afternoon. 

Well Wishes, 

Herbalist Natalie & Herbalist Leilah

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