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Bug Off! 15 Natural Remedies for Keeping Bugs Away + Natural Bug Spray Recipes

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Whether you enjoy sunny walks, hikes, swimming, or reading a book on your patio, spring and summer are the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors. 

However, spring and summer bring with them one unfortunate annoyance. Bugs. 

There’s a reason we call them pests. Nobody likes bug flying in their face, going near their food, or biting or stinging them. 

To help you make the most of the lovely spring and summer weather, we’ve compiled a list of the best natural remedies for keeping bugs away from you and your home.  

Natural Remedies to Keep Bugs Off You

Let’s start with some natural remedies to keep bugs off your person. Here are a few of our most loved “bug off!” products: 

  • Bug Away Soap: With potent essential oils like Geranium, Peppermint, Citronella, and Lemon-Eucalyptus, this powerful soap not only smells fantastic, but it can help to keep bugs at bay. We recommend washing up with this handmade soap to help protect yourself from stinging and biting bugs. 
  • Natural Bug Spray: The ultimate natural remedy against bugs. Try our natural bug spray made from pure Canadian catnip essential oils, which has been said to be more effective than DEET! Use with Bug Away Soap for maximum protection. 
  • Bay Laurel Essential Oil: Originating from Crete, Bay Laurel leaf is a fantastic essential oil for keeping bugs away from your skin. Bay Laurel essential oil is also known for helping the body in lymphatic drainage, promoting mental clarity, and decreasing stress. 
  • Bug Oil Concentrate Oil: Containing Canadian catnip, lemongrass, citronella, and lavender, this wombo combo essential oil blend makes a powerful product great at repelling bugs. You can add this to a natural bug spray base or to your body lotion to protect yourself as you go about your day. 

Natural Remedies to Treat Bug Bites

Despite your best efforts, you were bit or stung by an insect. We’ve all been there. 

For relief from your bug bites, try these herbal remedies: 

  • Sting Stop Roll-On Oil Blend: This super blend was created for all bites, stings, cuts, and pokes. This blend contains German Chamomile (Azuline), which is known for its remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. If you were stung, make sure to pull the stinger out before application. Apply to any bites or stings as needed (as frequently as every 10 minutes for the first hour). Do not apply to the eyes and mouth area. 
  • Balance & Focus Foll-On Oil Blend: With a heavenly golden jojoba oil base and a mixture of lavender, peppermint, rosemary, basil, and clary sage essential oils, this blend has it all! Not only does this blend promote better concentration and physical balance, but it can be applied directly to bug bites or stings. Simply massage a little oil onto the affected area. You may experience some tingling after a few minutes. 
  • Heal Me Oil: As you probably guessed from its name, Heal Me Oil is the ultimate healing blend for skin wounds and scaring. Heal Me Oil is an excellent blend for anything from insect bites, stings, scrapes, sores, bumps, and cuts and is created with a combination of healing essential oils and comfrey leaf. 
  • Cuts & Scrapes: For an alternative to oil blends, try Cuts & Scrapes. Cuts & Scrapes is a powder that can be sprinkled on top of insect bites, poison ivy rashes, cuts, and scrapes. The herbs in Cuts & Scrapes have been used for centuries as styptics, which stop bleeding, and antiseptics. 

*Please note that none of these remedies are substitutes for doctors or emergency care. If at any time your condition worsens, please seek medical attention immediately. 

Protecting Your Home from Bugs (Natural Bug Spray Recipes Included!) 

Looking for ways to protect your home from bugs? 

Here are some of our top natural remedy recommendations for bug protection:

Bay Leaf Essential Oil

Use Bay Leaf Essential Oil to protect your home from bugs. Fill a 2-ounce spray bottle with distilled water, then add seven drops of bay leaf essential oil. Shake well before spraying your home. This mixture is also safe for the skin, but please avoid sensitive areas such as your eyes. 


Lavender is another great natural remedy to keep bugs away. The American College of Healthcare Services states that lavender is a wonderful way to give your home a fresh scent while repelling insects. Many bugs dislike the smell of lavender, which makes it a powerful tool in preventing bugs from entering your home. 

Here are a couple of ways to add the scent of lavender to your home: 

  • Add lavender essential oil to an atomizer or diffuser to ward off insects. 
  • Burn lavender incense. You’ll have a lovely smelling home that drives away insects!
  • Use lavender sachets or pillows in your drawers and cupboards to prevent insects and moths from entering. This will also make anything in your drawers or cupboards smell delightful! 
  • Our lavender dryer bags are another way to add the lavender scent to your home. They can even be used in vacuuming. Simply sprinkle on top of your carpet before vacuuming. This will leave your home smelling beautiful while repelling insects. 

Witch hazel 

Witch hazel makes for a great natural bug spray for your plants. 

According to Sexton Pest Control, a mixture of witch hazel, avocado oil, and another bug-fighting essential oil, such as lavender essential oil, citronella essential oil, or peppermint essential oil, make an excellent bug repellent for your garden.

Catnip Essential Oil

Catnip Essential Oil is another great essential oil for preventing insects from your home. Simply add 25 drops of catnip essential oil to four ounces of distilled water, then shake. Spray in areas of your home where insects tend to enter, such as near doorways, windows, and cracks or gaps in the exterior of your home. 

For another fantastic bug away spray recipe, check out our previous post on 8 Ways to Use Geranium Essential Oil here

*Please keep in mind that children and pets may need to be watched around certain essential oils. Please consult with your veterinarian or pediatrician if you have any questions about using essential oils around your home safely. 

We hope you have a lovely time this spring and summer soaking up the rays! 

Tschau mittenand, 

Natalie & Leilah

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