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Celebrating The Herb Stop's 25th Anniversary

25 years ago, September 22, 1992, I opened the doors to the Herb Stop store in downtown Phoenix. The counters and shelves were filled with beautiful herbs, fresh spices, exquisite essential oils, and so much more.  I was so excited when I greeted my first customer and asked: "How may I help you?" This is something I always wanted to do, help people connect to our medicinal herbs to receive their healing and uplifting influence, as I did receive years ago. My daughter Natalie, who was only 10 years old, stood proudly by my side, filling jars, pricing items, etc. It was such a blessing having her in the store. She made people feel at ease whenever they were uncomfortable asking questions or were not sure how to pronounce the name of an herb.

Here we are, 25 years later in Pine, Arizona, manufacturing over 3000 herbal products, teaching herbal classes, offering information on our website, providing mail order, creating the monthly AromaBox, and of course we still take to empower people to follow the path of healing with herbs and all things natural. Thank you for helping us make the past 25 years so successful. We look forward to celebrate with you on Saturday the 23rd of September 2017.

Celebrating our past and inspiring our future,

Leilah and Natalie and The Herb Stop Team