Enlightenment Tea

Enlightenment Tea

The Herb Stop's Enlightenment Tea was designed to assist you on your path of great awakening and enlightenment. We have chosen and blended 11 herbs to elevate you to your highest spiritual potential. Reaching for the wise person in you can be uplifting, bring peace, love, kindness and compassion for yourself and others. When sipping the Enlightenment Tea remind yourself that joy and happiness comes from within. Here are the ingredients:

  • Tulsi expands and integrates higher knowledge and understanding to allow for spiritual expression 
  • Gotu Kola balances right and left brain to help you ground the information flooding into your consciousness
  • Rosemary unblocks the energy deep within you to awaken personal power 
  • Bay leaf increases mental clarity and alertness, sharpens the senses, and encourages prophetic visions
  • Nutmeg increases circulation and warmth in the lower part of the body, keeping you grounded and connected to the Earth
  • Lemon Verbena has a soothing effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the rest, digest, and recovery system
  • Amaranth raises your vibration for increased intuition and clairvoyant perception
  • Bamboo purifies the heart and clears negative energy
  • Cornflower's vibrant blue color increases clairvoyance
  • Vanilla Honeybush contains anti-oxidant properties
  • A Lotus Seed is added to this blend as a reminder to maintain your peace and purity through difficult times, which can increase spirituality and prosperity 

Take some time every day, mindfully prepare the Enlightenment Tea. Sit down, enjoy every sip. At the same time remind yourself of your divine connection, while letting go of all things negative.   

Tschau mitenand,


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