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Feeling Under The Weather? Try these Supportive Herbs

Man laying on the couch under a blanket

It started with a sniffle, then worked its way to fatigue, congestion, and a sore throat. 

Nothing is more frustrating than getting sick and feeling like nothing you eat, drink, or take is really helping you feel better. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our top herbal remedies and supplements for supporting your body and mind while you’re sick. 

Give Your Immune System a Boost

Having a cold can really take a toll on your body and immune system. Give yourself a boost with one of these natural remedies: 

  • Echinacea Root Extract: Echinacea is a powerhouse. Traditionally, it’s been used for many immune system boosting functions, including helping those struggling with colds, sore throats, infections, cases of flu, and allergies. This pure, organic Echinacea extract can be an excellent choice for those looking to support their immune system while they recover.*
  • Flu Brew Tea: For a relaxing, delicious tea blend, try our Flu Brew Tea, which contains osha, ginger, cinnamon, elderberry, and licorice. Ginger and cinnamon encourage the body to sweat, thus increasing circulation, while elderberry and licorice are known to be natural anti-virals.* 
  • Elder Berry Capsules: Scientific studies have shown that elderberry boosts a healthy immune system by increasing inflammatory cytokine production, which activates the immune system. The same study also found that elderberry had natural antiviral properties, which could be useful for those fighting a variety of diseases. 
  • Echinacea Berry Tea: For a sweet, soothing tea blend, try our Echinacea Berry Tea. This tea is fantastic year-round, but it’s especially great for those of you nursing a cold because of its immune system-boosting effects and rich antioxidant content.* 

Breathe Easier

If you’re struggling with congestion, try one of these excellent herbal remedies for enhancing your immune system and clearing your sinuses: 

  • Free Breathing Essence: Our Free Breathing Essence helps increase the amount of oxygen in your body by freeing up your breathing. It can also help to enhance allergy and sinus medicines, especially rosehips. If you struggle with seasonal allergies, this is also an excellent choice.* 
  • Congestion Clearing Tea: Peppermint and Eucalyptus are two powerful ingredients known to soothe a sore throat and ease coughing. The cinnamon and cloves in this tea make it delightfully warming and spicy. We recommend taking your time to breathe in the steam of this tea to soothe your throat further.*
  • Respiratory Assistant: For a stimulating and clearing blend, try our Respiratory Assistant blend out. This is a great option to use alongside other cold remedies.* 
  • Sinus Drain Extract: Our Sinus Drain Extract supports both sinus and immune health. If you’re struggling with blocked sinuses, the herbs in this blend may help to clear your sinuses faster. Sinus Drain Extract combines echinacea, barberry, and rosehips, which are all powerful herbs known for helping with the symptoms of common colds and flus.*

Headache Crushing Remedies

Headaches are unfortunately common when we get sick. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways that you can go about relieving headaches. Here are some of our favorites: 

  • Migra-Gone Aromatherapy Roll-On: If you’re struggling with a headache or tension in your head, shoulders, or neck, try this impactful essential oils blend out. The punchy but soothing scents of lavender, ylang ylang, and peppermint help ease achy headaches and tension.* 
  • Feverfew Capsules: Feverfew Capsules are a favorite amongst our clients who regularly suffer from migraines or headaches. It’s also something we regularly recommend for helping to relieve fevers and the nausea that often comes with painful migraines.* 
  • Tension Release: Between the Echinacea, St. John’s wort, Chamomile, and more, this fantastic essence supports your body by easing physical tension, which ultimately helps to alleviate headaches and migraines. For maximum relief, we recommend taking this with vitamin B-2. *

Soothing A Sore Throat 

Having a sore throat is no fun, and a cup of delicious hot tea can be the perfect way to soothe the throat. We also recommend trying our Elder Berry Syrup, a tasty syrup that helps a sore throat and provides natural relief for coughs caused by colds or minor bronchial irritation.* 

Other great options for a sore throat include: 

  • Throat Spray: This great throat spray is packed with echinacea root, which eases sore, inflamed throats and promotes healthy vocal cords. Simply spray two to three times on the throat every two hours until your symptoms are gone.*
  • Manuka Honey Black Currant Lozenges: These soothing lozenges are fresh, fruity, and packed with vitamin C, making them a superb option for a sore throat. 
  • Throat Therapy Tea: Try this delicious tea made from licorice root, cinnamon bark, slippery elm, and raspberry leaves. We can’t recommend this enough for a painful, sore throat!* 

Achy Joints 

Nothing is more uncomfortable than trying to rest in bed but struggling to get comfortable due to sore, aching joints. 

If you’re struggling with achy joints, try some of these relaxing herbal remedies out: 

  • Herbal Bath Bags: On its own, a hot bath is a great way to soothe achy joints. However, our Herbal Bath Bags add an additional layer of soothing relaxation with the relaxing feelings provided by sea salt, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, peppermint, and more. The fantastic scent is also easy on sore, irritated sinuses and throats, so we recommend inhaling deeply while you relax in the tub. 
  • From Head to Toe Tea: Whether you have achy joints due to the flu or are feeling a little stiff in general, this tea is a great option! Packed with antioxidant-rich citrus, flowers, spices, and turmeric, this is a wonderfully delicious tea that you’ll enjoy drinking. If you are trying to rest up during a cold, this is also a caffeine-free tea option, so it won’t interfere with your sleep. 
  • Spearmint & Eucalyptus Bath Salts: This is another terrific bath salt option to relax and soothe achy joints. We also love the profoundly refreshing scents of spearmint and eucalyptus, which can be great for unwinding and relaxing the mind and body. 
  • Eupatorium perfoliatum 200ck: A great homeopathic option for bone pain and stiffness associated with flu symptoms. 

We hope this piece gave you some great ideas for easing the discomfort we often feel when we get sick. If you or a loved one is sick, we send you our best! 

Warming Wishes, 

Natalie & Leilah 

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