Good Herbal Choices In February

Good Herbal Choices In February

Although February is the shortest month of the year with only 28 days (29 days in a leap year) it is the one people seem to dislike the most. Don’t let this “down” month get in the way.  Take time for yourself when you are out of balance. Relax, refresh and rejuvenate yourself with uplifting herbal baths (or showers). Follow the advice of the Greek physician, Hippocrates, father of medicine: “The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day”. Luxuriating in a bath filled with healing herbs and soothing scents is truly one of life’s most delicious pleasures. But a long soak in the bathtub can do much more than cleanse the body. It can have a healing effect on the mind and heart.

Aromatic Baths or Showers
Aromatic baths may affect us in a variety of ways. They activate cell division, increase the intake of oxygen and stimulate the drainage of waste products from the body’s tissues. In addition, essential oils exercise a direct influence on the limbic brain, a part of the brain responsible for emotions, moods, feelings, and memories. Their aromas stimulate the release of neuro-chemicals and hormones. The Herb Stop carries over 175 essential oils, 50 essential blends, and over 80 essential oil roll-ons to choose from. Most of the time the right essential oil for you will be the one that pleases your nose.  For an aromatherapy bath, add 5 to 10 drops of your chosen essential oil to 1/2 ounce of your favorite carrier oil, then add to the bathwater

Colds, Flus And Sinus Congestion
The simple addition of Eucalyptus, Pine or Spruce essential oil to your bath can be very effective to combat colds, flu’s, bronchial problems, hay fever, and asthma. Do not add the oil until you are in the water, and then begin by slowly adding from 3 to 6 drops at a time. Swish the water around to disburse the scent. Breathing in the aromas can break up congestion, open the sinuses and breathing passages. For the one’s who prefer taking showers, simply add a few drops of essential oil to the washcloth or directly on the shower floor. The hot water diffuses the aromas.

Melting Away Stress And Tension
Take a bath in a Lavender and Marjoram scented bath for stress, high blood pressure and insomnia. Lavender was once used to calm wild animals. It calms the aggressive instincts in humans, relaxing the mind and body to induce sleep. Marjoram has been used to treat heart conditions. Add 10 drops Lavender and 5 drops Marjoram to your bathwater and soak in it for about 20 minutes.

Relaxation Sensation Bath Salts
If you don't have time to make your own bath salts, don't worry, The Herb Stop has prepared a beautiful and luscious bath salt, Relaxation Sensation Bath Salts, blended with essential oils to help you get grounded, relaxed and to uplift you.

Take Pounds Off
When you are in this bath visualize your perfect new body. You may be surprised how well it works. This formula has been used in some of the most famous spas:

Take 2 capsules of Kelp with some juice 20 minutes before the bath. Blend the oils together and add to your bathwater. Give yourself a good invigorating massage with a loofah sponge while in the bathtub. In addition, press the acupressure reflex point for the thyroid, located at the base of each big toe.

Fresh Flower and Herbal Baths
Herbs and flowers can be added to bath water for their healing benefits. Make a strong tea from your chosen herbs and add this to your bathwater. Or, you can put the herbs into a little cloth bag and hang it from the hot water tap, deep into the bathtub. The flow of hot water transmits the goodness of the herbs as the bath is filled. Some people like to add Rose petals, Lavender flower, or other flowers from their garden to the bathwater for an absolutely delightful experience!

Anxiety Bath Blend
Let go of your anxieties and worries while soaking in this blissful bath. Pour 2 cups boiling water over 1 - 2 tablespoons Anxiety Bath Blend and allow to infuse for 15-20 minutes. Strain and add the tea to your bath.  Alternatively, place 1 -2 tablespoons Anxiety Bath Blend in a cotton muslin bag and hang over the faucet in your bath - allowing the bath water to run over the herbs. Once the bath is drawn, you can use the muslin bag as a washcloth for added benefits.

Beautiful Skin
To improve your skin, enjoy this bath twice a month. Fill a container with Sea Salt and add grapeseed oil to dampen the mixture. Mix well and add one of your favorite citrus essential oil. Vigorously massage this exfoliating scrub all over your body. Shower off with a light soaping.

Seaweed Bath Bags 
In many European countries, doctors send their patients who are recovering from an illness or accident to the seashore for healing and recovery (paid by their insurance). Why? Sea water is healing. It is rich in minerals and other ingredients that strengthen the body, allowing for speedy recovery. If you can’t go to the sea, try this substitute. Prepare a bath by placing The Herb Stop Seaweed Bath Bag in the tub and run very hot water over it.  When the water is temperature safe (warm), soak for 45 minutes.  Add hot water as needed. These Seaweed Bath Bags contain certified organic and mineral-rich Kelp, Dulse, Bladderwrack, Laminaria and Nori.

Dead Sea Salt
Luxuriate in an organic Dead Sea Salt bath, to relax your muscles, smooth and infuse your skin with essential minerals such as sodium, magnesium, potassium. Dead Sea Salt enhances your skin's natural ability to retain moisture, making it smooth and healthy. Gently removes harmful environmental particles from your skin.

Rosemary And Bentonite Clay 
In her book “The Seasonal Detox Diet”, Carrie L’Esperance says that this special bath gives results comparable to going to a spa or hot springs for a mud bath and massage, at a fraction of the cost. I totally agree with her statement, and feel fantastic after this home treatment. Before getting into the tub, brush your skin with a Body Brush. Take 2 – 3 niacin tablets (50 mg each) with fresh-pressed juice or herbal tea. Fill the bathtub with hot water running over a muslin bag filled with one cup fresh or dried Rosemary. Add ½ cup Bentonite clay to the water, and then 2 – 3 drops of Rosemary essential oil – swish around to disburse the aroma. As you relax in the bath you can feel the heat of the niacin flushing your body. After a 20 minutes soak, massage your body with a Loofah cloth and natural handmade soap. Add 3 drops of Rosemary essential oil to your shampoo and finish with a cool shower. This bath is a real treat. You will feel great and smell wonderful.

Before The Bath
It is beneficial to skin brush with a Natural Bristle Body Brush before a bath or shower, as it increases circulation and detoxification. Drink plenty of water, tea or fresh juices while soaking in the tub. Rest and stay warm for about one hour after your bath.

After The Bath
Moisturizing the skin after a bath is very important. Choose from one of The Herb Stop lotions. It will leave your skin glowing!

Scents For February
Prevent and dispel colds, flu’s, respiratory problems with the following essential oil formula:

Use with a Diffuser, or add 5 drops to boiling water. You may also place 2 drops on each side of your pillow before going to bed. 


February 19th - March 20th Birthday People
If your birthday falls between February 19th and March 20th your astrological sign is Pisces. Pisces people have a tendency to have problems with their feet and toes. The herbs for Pisces work with the kidneys and lymphatic systems, which pass fluids within the body, the spinal canal and the parathyroid. Choose herbs and flower essences for Pisces that open the mind to a greater sense of vision, as well as the ability to dream, both when asleep and awake, enhance astral travel, but may only be used as a key to learning: wild lettuce, lobelia, lotus, mugwort, willow, and the essence of yerba mansa. Irish Moss is the main herb for Pisces, as it treats respiratory and intestinal disorders. Irish moss is rich in electrolyte minerals – calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, as well as mucilaginous compounds that assist the body with detoxification, boosting metabolism, strengthening the hair, skin and nails. If used persistently, Irish Moss relieves every Pisces complaint. Also, The Herb Stop has blended a tasty Pisces Tea, as well as a Pisces Roll-On  to allow for dreaming, either asleep or awake.


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