Picking oranges and neroli blossoms

Happy Orange Blossom Day! Top 5 Benefits of Neroli Oil

Oranges and Orange Blossoms

Happy National Orange Blossom Day! Did you know that orange blossoms are not only beautifully fragrant flowers but a source of the fantastic neroli oil?

Neroli oil is a delicate essential oil created from a particular type of orange blossoms. It’s also terrific as an exquisite perfume, in skincare products, and, even, as a mild sedative. 

Today we’re going to discuss some of our favorite uses for neroli essential oil, which is frequently deemed the “bringer of joy!”

Neroli in Skincare

Neroli is fantastic in various skin care products and is versatile enough that most skin types can benefit from it. 

Nourishing Neroli

Neroli oil is nourishing for dry and mature skin types especially, which is why we’ve included it in one of our favorite products: The Love My Face Serum

The Love My Face Serum nourishes the skin with a blend of hazelnut oil, vitamin E oil, Neroli, and more! It’s incredibly fantastic for those with dry or mature skin, but most people’s skin will benefit from its nourishing, beautifying effects. 

For an amazing Neroli anti-wrinkle face oil recipe, check out our previous piece on Neroli here.

Neroli for Acne-Prone, Irritated Skin

If your skin tends to break out or experience irritation, neroli oil can be a valuable ingredient to incorporate into your routine. 

Studies have shown that neroli oil has antifungal, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. All of these factors can be useful in minimizing skin irritation and breakouts. 

If you have combination, dry, or acne-prone skin, we recommend trying our Adore My Face blend, which includes a multitude of oils, including neroli, lavender, argan, and evening primrose oil. Many of our clients love this blend for hydrating and healing irritated and dull skin. 

Anxiety and Stress-Relieving Properties

Neroli oil is considered a mild sedative and, as such, may be used to help reduce anxiety and stress levels. Traditionally, neroli is used for its relaxing properties, and many herbalists use neroli in blends for anxiety, depression, and nervousness. 

One recent study even showed that women in the first stage of labor who inhaled neroli oil experienced reduced anxiety and pain during their contractions. In this study, the women used neroli oil-soaked gauze pads that were attached to their collars. Every half hour, a fresh gauze pad replaced the previous one. Incredibly, the women with the neroli oil gauze pads reported significantly lower feelings of pain and anxiety during their first labor stage! 

Not only did that study demonstrate reduced anxiety from neroli oil use, but another study performed with postmenopausal women reported menopause symptom reduction after neroli inhalation. High stress levels, low libido, and high blood pressure were among the reduced symptoms noted. 

The women in the second study spent only five minutes twice a day inhaling neroli oil for five days before they began experiencing a reduction in negative menopausal symptoms! 

Here are a few of our favorite neroli oil products to incorporate into your life to encourage less stress and anxiety:  

  • Bliss Essential Oil: As the name suggests, this essential oil is targeted at boosting and lightening the mood. Bliss Essential Oil encourages positivity, lowered stress, and hormonal balance with its delightful blend of neroli, ylang ylang, organic sweet orange, spruce, and clary sage essential oils. 
  • Neroli Essential Oil (Orange Blossom): Our Neroli Essential Oil is 100% natural and pure essential oil. This essential oil is highly versatile in its uses with its sweet, citrusy scent and nourishing properties. 
  • Bliss Roll-on Oil Blend: Similar to the Bliss Essential Oil, this roll-on blend is a great on-the-go product for lightening the mood and lifting your spirits. It also makes an exquisite perfume! 
  • Isis Awakening Anointing Oil: For a delightful blend of jasmine, neroli,  and rose, try our Isis Awakening Anointing Oil. We recommend this for those looking to encourage their feminine qualities (Yin) and create greater feelings of compassion and inner peace.   

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Neroli has long been known for its anti-inflammatory properties. In particular, neroli oil can be excellent for helping with inflammation in the skin. 

A recent article in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry discussed the possible benefits that neroli oil may have when used as a treatment for inflammatory diseases. This study found that neroli oil used as a food product had some significant benefits for those struggling with internal inflammation. As a result of this study, scientists are now looking into ways to develop neroli oil into a functional food to be used as a treatment to help with inflammatory-associated diseases. 

This study shows a lot of promise for neroli oil and its anti-inflammatory properties! However, we do not recommend using essential oils internally unless you are under the supervision of a qualified practitioner skilled in oral administration of essential oils. 

*For your safety, please always consult with your doctor before using essential oils internally. 

High Blood Pressure

New evidence is showing that neroli oil may also be beneficial in reducing high blood pressure. 

One study reported that 83 participants with high blood pressure had significantly lower blood pressure after inhaling an essential oil blend containing neroli, ylang ylang, marjoram, and lavender oil during a 24 hour period. 

These participants also had decreased cortisol, otherwise known as “the stress hormone,” after these 24 hours of inhaling the soothing blend of essential oils. 

We recommend adding ten drops of neroli essential oil to two ounces of distilled water for a relaxing effect. Shake well before spraying on your body for a lighthearted, soothing scent throughout the day. 

We hope this piece gives you some ideas for ways to celebrate National Orange Blossom Day! 

Neroli oil has so many amazing benefits. If you have any questions on how to incorporate neroli oil into your life, we’re happy to help. Our last piece on neroli oil here also has a few more ideas for how to use neroli oil in your day-to-day life. 

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