Healing The Cause Of Your Illness With Vibrational Essences

Healing The Cause Of Your Illness With Vibrational Essences

Robert had Hepatitis C and wanted to know if there were any herbs that may be helpful to heal his liver.  After doing some research he decided to take an herbal combination of milk thistle, schizandra and dandelion root, as well as amalaki, a type of gooseberry. Within a few days he started to feel better and he had more energy. His doctor was pleased with the lab results and encouraged him to continue with this herbal program. Faithfully, every two or three months, he’d come in to purchase his supply of herbs. We got into conversations about his life, health and all the changes he had made to live a healthier life. As a Vietnam War veteran I thought he was coping very well with all life had dished up on him. But, Robert was hiding his bitterness and anger about his experiences in Vietnam. He was trapped in a viscous circle of anger, rage and guilt. One day he asked me: "How long will I need to take the herbs to overcome my illness?” Without hesitating I said: "Until the day when you are ready to let go of anger and bitterness. Anger and bitterness injures the liver”. He got very angry and walked out the door. I did not see Robert for a while. One day he called me and asked if there were any herbs or other remedies I could suggest to help him get over his anger issues. He had met this nice lady and did not want to be angry anymore. My suggestion was to look into Vibrational Essences. He took my advice and started to take essences for anger and resentment. With the support from herbs, Vibrational Essences and some counseling, today Robert is free from Hepatitis C, anger and bitterness.

Medical researchers have confirmed the connection between negative emotions and disease. Negative emotions cause the disruption of nervous system functions, hormone levels, and immunological response. Vibrational Essences are exceptionally supportive in healing negative emotions.

What Are Vibrational Essences?

Vibrational Essences are homeopathic style liquid preparations to restore inner harmony. They have long been used as a healing system, but made popular in the 1930’s by Dr. Edward Bach, a well respected physician specializing in bacteriology at a major London hospital. Dr. Bach believed that “true healing cannot occur unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness”. He discovered 38 flower essences to heal the emotions including the famous “Rescue Remedy”. 
Vibrational Essences use the emotional system as an access point to bring harmony to body, heart and mind. They do not only treat the symptoms of an illness, but also reach the emotions and spirit of the deeper causes of an illness. Specific essences can address particular emotional imbalances. For example, by holding in anger, many people experience stomach and liver ailments. When they free themselves of anger with the appropriate essence, healing occurs in the gastro-intestinal system. Your thoughts and your feelings are programmed in the mind, similar to a computer program. This program releases neuropeptides into the system, which then imprints such into the fluids of the body. Thus, your body is imprinted by your views about your life.

How Do They Work?

Each essence holds its own vibration and the vibration impacts upon the cellular level, or the fluid programming if you want. When you ingest an essence into your body, it is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth into the fluids of the body. Now, imagine it like a light spreading throughout your body. This light spreads throughout your body with its own natural vibration. It doesn’t reprogram, it programs its own signature.  It is not in opposition to your natural body and flow, such as antibiotics for example, being in opposition to your actual immune system. If you take for example an Herb Stop essence “Embracing Wealth”, this essence amplifies that programmed aspect within yourself, the sense of security, abundance, self worth, etc.  It  brings it out to the forefront, strengthens it, enhancing what is already there. Fundamentally, what the Vibrational Essences do, is target a very specific area of programming, enlighten it, (that is why I say it is like a light spreading throughout your body), enhances it, and brings it forward in vibration. It does not override, but overwhelms all other programming, because of its defined intent, and amplifies that aspect naturally within your mind, emotion and body.
Vibrational Essences are very safe for everyone and can be used in conjunction with other therapies to enhance the healing process. They can also be helpful in dealing with issues relating for example to career, money, relationships, future goals and ambitions. If you are coping with a physical imbalance, emotional turbulence, job burnout, relationship stress, or maybe you are at a crossroad in your life, facing a challenging situation, Vibrational Essences could be instrumental in helping you regain your balance.

Written by Leilah

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