Herbs For Your Pets

Herbs For Your Pets

Dog & Cat

There has never been a time in my life when I did not have a dog or cat, or both, living with me. Pets not only make wonderful companions, always showing us their devotion and unconditional love, they can also help our health. Studies have shown that stroking a cat or dog has a calming effect on the nervous system and lowers blood pressure. I take the same holistic approach to living and healing my pets that I use for myself. Proper nutrition, a clean and safe environment, exercise and lots of love are prerequisites for a healthy and happy pet. When they get ill or injured I always turn to natural remedies. Herbs work extremely well on pets. They are safe and gentle. The dosage is usually the same as in people, always taking their weight into consideration. Herbs can be administered to pets in tea/capsule form, sprinkled over their food, or dropped into their water.
Pets experience allergies too! Daily, add dried nettle leaves to their food. Nettles have anti-histamine properties and provide a whole lot of vitamins and minerals. I add 3 drops daily of the Rim Country Tree Mix to my dog's water to help with environmental allergies.
Anxiety and Stress
Anxiety & Stress is a homeopathic aid in response to separation from the owner, being left alone, in kennels or with other people, fireworks, sirens, gunshots.

Arthritis is as painful to dogs as to people. Adding a little flax seed, sunflower seed or olive oil to your pets food coupled with some Movement can help them run up those stairs again with ease and without pain, usually within a couple of days.
Bad Breath
Add fresh or dried parsley to your pet’s food, or place a few drops of parsley tea to their water. Parsley freshens the breath, deodorizes the body and improves kidney function.
Bite Wounds, Cuts and Sores
Clean the wound first with H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) and then with chamomile tea. Sprinkle some Cuts & Scrapes powder on the affected area to prevent infections. The herbs in Cuts & Scrapes are known to kill bacteria on contact. If you have goldenseal powder you could also try this.To speed up the healing of wounds use comfrey salve.
Constant Barking
Does your dog bark at everything and everyone? Does your cat or dog react nervously to every little noise and activity? To a certain extent this is “normal”, but if your pet is getting too stressed out, Placid Perception may be the answer. Place a few drops into their drinking water and you may see a more calm dog or cat.
Flea Problems
I like to make my own essential oil flea collar, as it provides excellent protection against fleas. Buy a soft material or thick candle wick and dip it into the following blended solution:

Leave to dry before putting around your pet’s neck. It should be effective for one month. I usually add a little garlic powder to my dog’s food. He loves it and fleas hate it!
General Health and Well-Being
My little Papillon does not like vegetables or any kind of greens, although he eats grass when he is outside. He only likes chicken and turkey!!! I decided to make an herbal blend for him with nutritious health-enhancing herbs containing dandelion leaf, nettle leaf, red clover, alfalfa, and parsley. Everyday I sprinkle a little Dog & Cat Greens on his food and he loves it! Another herbal blend I use is the Dog & Cat Formula for his overall health. I call it his daily vitamin/mineral. One of our customers told us about her newly adopted dog from the Humane Society. He was lethargic and just did not have any energy. She started to sprinkle a little Dog & Cat Formula into his food daily. He was able to get rid of his parasites (she did not know about), his energy came back, as well as his happiness. 

Heart Health
A veterinarian who attended one of our herb classes told us he prescribes hawthorn berry for animals with heart conditions with good success. 

Hot Spots/Itching
Several pet owners have confirmed that spraying cooled green tea on hot spots, followed with Chaparral/Calendula salve have worked very well. Diluted apple cider vinegar has also shown to work in preventing and treating hot spots. Additionally, apple cider vinegar helps maintain a shiny coat, repels fleas, ticks and other insects, because these do not like the acidic environment. Burdock, red clover, calendula and rosemary are all excellent herbs known to treat many skin problems, and are cleansing to the blood and lymphatic system.
Kidney Problems
A friend of mine successfully treated her cooker spaniel’s kidney problems with a Chinese patent formula named Golden Book she got from her holistic veterinarian. If you want to prevent kidney problems, especially in cats, daily add dandelion leaves and/or cleavers to their food.
Liver problems
Pets live in the same toxic world as humans do and they too experience liver problems. Milk thistle is the best herb to help rebuild the liver. Simply sprinkle milk thistle powder on their food.
Fear Of Loud Noises
Add a few drops of Inner Peace essence to your pet’s water before a thunderstorm or fire works.
Paw Pads
Moisturize their paw pads with almond oil, olive oil or comfrey salve.
Pets Getting Along
The Flower Essence Society makes an essence called Quaking Grass, which helps with pets who have been introduced to others and are having a hard time adjusting.

Connectivity flower essence can be helpful when you are having difficulties training your pet. It creates that special connection between you and your pet.
Most herbs that are beneficial for humans can be given to pets. Though there are a few herbs that work the opposite in pets, such as catnip and valerian, as they relax humans but excite pets, most of them work the same way. 

Written by Leilah

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