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How taking a herb class can change your life?

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I am so fortunate of having received my herbal knowledge from my grandmother, Marie, and I am fortunate enough to pass down this knowledge to my daughter Natalie. So, where does a person today receive herbal knowledge and herbal wisdom? Learning through books and on-line classes may be an option, but learning from a practicing Herbalist enriches your spirit, gives you confidence, and you receive many gifts passed on simply by being in their presence. 

Which herbal program best suits you? Some herbalist specialize in gardening, farming, and gathering  herbs. Others teach how to make herbal medicines from freshly grown herbs, grown in their garden or purchased through bulk herb companies. And others teach strictly the science of herbology.

Since 1995 Natalie and I have been teaching herbal classes where you learn practical knowledge. You will learn how to use herbs and other natural remedies with confidence for your personal health and well-being, and to help family members or friends with their health issues. We share our vast knowledge and wisdom from our personal experiences serving the public for over 25 years. 

Our herbal classes are organized into three levels

Level I - Become an Herbalist (Introductory to Herbalism)

The first level is an introduction to herbal medicine and a health-enhancing life style.  Successful completion of Level I allows the student to feel comfortable using herbal medicines on a daily basis to prevent and treat minor health issues, as well as empowered with enough knowledge when shopping at an herb shop, health food store, or internet.  For more details and a syllabus, click here.

Level II - Herbal Formulary & Using Herbal Skills (Intermediate Herbalism)

During the second level, the student learns how to formulate herbal medicines, the principles of Ayurveda & TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Vibrational Essences, and more. Successful completion of Level II allows the student to feel comfortable on how to prepare herbal formulas, how herbs work together in combinations, as well as the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects and influences of herbs.  For more details and a syllabus, click here.

Level III - Case Studies & Herbal Protocols (Advanced Herbalism)

The third level is dedicated to case studies and appropriate herbal protocols.  Various healing techniques and tools are also presented during this class, such as CPR, spectro-chrome therapy, iridology, reflexology, lymphatic massage, and more.  For more details and a syllabus, click here.

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