tired woman with eye mask laying in bed

Not a Morning Person? Try These Herbal Products + Hacks to Add Some Pep to Your Step!

tired woman with eye mask laying in bed

If the alarm going off in the morning is your least favorite sound, you’re not alone. These feelings aren’t surprising when one in three adults isn’t getting enough sleep. 

We often think of ways to optimize our nighttime routine for better sleep, but did you know that improving your mornings can also improve your sleep? 

In addition to making mornings more fun, or at least palatable, a consistent wake-up time and avoiding the snooze button can help your body regulate and develop a healthier sleep cycle.  

Today, we’re sharing our favorite life hacks to improve your mornings (and sleep!) and some fantastic herbal products to give you that extra boost in the morning. 

Life Hacks to Improve Your Morning

A caffeinated tea or amazing morning shake can do wonders. However, pairing these with some healthy, smart habits is the key to improving your mornings and fighting grogginess: 

  • Lay out everything the night before, and we mean everything! Choose your outfit and lay out everything else you’ll need for the following day, including your purse, bag, shoes, laptop and charger, planner, and more. 
  • Similarly, spend 15 minutes the night before tidying up your space. It can be defeating to drag yourself out of bed and walk into a messy kitchen or home office. Avoid this situation by taking a few minutes to tidy up the night before - you’ll feel an instant boost when you walk into a clean kitchen the next morning! 
  • Don’t check your phone immediately. So many of us keep our phones next to our beds. While using your phone as an alarm clock is fine, don’t give the first 15 minutes of your day to scrolling through the news or social media. Seeing something negative first thing is not a great way to start your morning, and checking your phone puts you in a state of information overload immediately! 
  • Start the day with something uplifting. Spend a few minutes with yourself and journal or read a spiritual text, devotional, or chapter of an uplifting book. Add in a favorite cup of piping hot caffeinated tea or a yummy morning smoothie, and you’ve got a fantastic combination that uplifts the body and soul. 

Best Caffeinated Teas

Coffee in the morning is popular for a good reason! Caffeine is an effective way for many people to boost their energy and wake up faster on groggy mornings. 

Here are some of our favorite caffeinated teas for those slower mornings: 

  • Jump Start Tea: As the name suggests, this tea will help you jump out of bed in the morning! It contains Yerba Mate and Black Tea for maximum caffeine and contains delicious cacao nibs and cinnamon bark that create a flavor to look forward to in the morning. 
  • Mint Black Tea: This tea is a beautiful choice for the morning with its bright and invigorating scent. Many people find the smell of mint energizing. Combine mint with caffeine, and you have a fantastic morning tea. 
  • Is It Coffee? Is It Tea? Black Tea: If you love the taste of coffee and are trying to swap it for tea, try out this luxury black tea containing green coffee beans and ground coffee. It’s the perfect sweet, earthy tea that packs a robust caffeinated punch.  
  • Juicy Mango Yerba Mate Tea: Our Juicy Mango Yerba Mate Tea has a high caffeine content and a succulent, sweet taste that is sure to delight the palette. 
  • English Breakfast Black Tea: We couldn’t make this list without including the most classic breakfast tea of all: English Breakfast Black Tea. Many compare the flavor of English Breakfast Black Tea to coffee because of its full body taste, rich undertones, and bitter, mildly sweet flavor. 

If you enjoy coffee, check out our Mushroom Coffee Instant Mix containing Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Chaga mushrooms to wake you up and support improved cognitive functioning. 

Morning Shakes to Put Some Pep In Your Step! 

These morning shakes are our favorite for giving yourself an energy boost. They make a great addition to your breakfast shake, oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, and more! 

  • B-Alert Power Shake: This shake is full of B vitamins, touted for their ability to provide long-lasting energy and alertness and boost cognitive function. We also love that this shake has cherry flavor, which gives it a nice fruity flavor. 
  • Fuel Source Power Shake: If you work out in the morning or need a huge boost of energy, our Fuel Source Power Shake is a fantastic choice! It is packed with a wide variety of superfruits to provide you with plenty of energy. 

Energizing Essential Oils

Diffuse these first thing in the morning or apply these essential oils to your body in a carrier oil or lotion to get yourself moving: 

  • Lemon Essential Oil: Many consider lemon uplifting, refreshing, and energizing. It’s also a strong scent that is hard to ignore, making it great for waking you up on a groggy morning. 
  • Peppermint Essential Oil: Peppermint Essential Oil is cooling, stimulating, and refreshing. If you suffer from headaches, it’s also wonderful dabbed on the back of the neck and temples. 
  • Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil: We love the smell of grapefruit because of its uplifting, stimulating scent. It’s also notable for supporting yourself during periods of depression or stress, so if mornings stress you out, give this essential oil a try. 
  • Lime Essential Oil: Lime’s zesty, tangy, and tart smell stimulates and uplifts the spirit. It’s great for livening up a room! 
  • Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil: The smell of eucalyptus is impossible to ignore. We love eucalyptus to support improved alertness, mental clarity, and breathing. 


Interested in learning more about which teas contain the most and least caffeine so you can optimize your mornings? Read our article on it here. 

We hope this article gave you plenty of ideas for boosting your energy and mood and getting moving first thing in the morning. 

Good morning wishes, 

Herbalists Natalie & Leilah

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