Woman laying in bed with menstrual cramps

Terrible Cramps? Try these Herbal Remedies to Support Your Body

Woman in bed with menstrual cramps

It’s that time of the month again, and you’re having those unfortunate and all too common side effects.

For some of us, this looks like poor sleep or a lot of painful cramping that gets in the way of us doing things that we’d much rather be doing. 

Period cramping and pain are so common that 84.1% of women have reported menstrual pain, with 43.1% of these women saying they had menstrual pain during every period. 

This statistic is hard to stomach, and we never want other women to have to go through this pain. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most helpful herbal remedies and supplements for that time of the month. 

*Please note that the following herbal remedies are for easing some of the symptoms of your period. If you are having unusually painful or worrying period symptoms, please consult with your doctor immediately. 

Black Cohosh 

Black Cohosh, a flowering plant found in eastern North America, has been traditionally used to relieve cramping, nervous irritation, and hot flashes. It’s also known to be a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory, which can help with joint inflammation and arthritis.* 

Many studies have found that black cohosh helped reduce anxiety, night sweats, and hot flashes. In Europe, Black Cohosh is widely used to support women when experiencing PMS or painful period symptoms. Germany has even approved this helpful herb for use in treating painful menstruation and PMS discomfort! 

If you’re interested in adding black cohosh to your diet, check out these favorites: 

  • Black Cohosh Capsules: For an easy way to add black cohosh to your diet, try our Black Cohosh Capsules out for help in supporting your body before and during your cycle. 
  • Feminine Balance Capsules: This is an especially helpful blend for those of you who have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). This blend contains black cohosh and wild yam, which support and balance your hormones, helping with overall feminine health and wellbeing. *
  • Super Women Power Shake: For an energizing blend, try out delicious Super Women Power Shake, which features delicious raw cacao, black cohosh, and other hormone supporting herbs like licorice root, wild yam, and maca root. If shakes aren’t your thing, try adding this to other liquids, oatmeals, yogurts, breads, and more!* 
  • Soothed Flow Capsules: If you experience muscle tension, inflammation, or menstrual cramps during or before your cycle, try our Soothed Flow Capsules out. These capsules may help soothe and relax your muscles, and many of the herbs in this blend have traditionally been used as antispasmodics, making them ideal for cramp relief.* 
  • Intimate Rejuvenation Capsules: Our Intimate Rejuvenation Capsules are designed with several potent herbs that can help boost your mood, support the balance of your hormones, and support the symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy and dryness. These capsules are also known to be an aphrodisiac.*

Red Raspberry

Red raspberry leaves are often called “the woman’s herb” because they have long been used to support women during pregnancy and painful menstrual cramping. 

Research has found that red raspberry leaves can be useful in relieving common PMS symptoms, such as diarrhea, cramping, vomiting, and nausea. Red raspberry leaves also contain a significant amount of iron, which can help prevent anemia in women that experience heavy menstrual cycles. It’s estimated that one ounce of red raspberry leaves has around 3.3 mg of iron, equating to about 18% of the daily recommended iron intake for women between 19 and 50. 

On top of that, raspberry is packed with many other nutrients and antioxidants, making this a powerhouse ingredient! 

Here are some fantastic raspberry leaf options to include in your diet: 

  • Aunt Flow Tea: As the name of this tea suggest, this tea is designed to support your menstrual health during that time of the month. The red raspberry leaves combine with ginger and valerian root to give you a potent blend of soothing ingredients. On top of that, our Aunt Flow Tea has a delicious, sweet chocolate taste due to the included chocolate honeybush tea, which contains honeybush tea and cocoa nibs, yum! 
  • Cramp Tea: Our Cramp Tea focuses on promoting muscle relaxation which may help in reducing cramps and spasms from the stomach down. We recommend drinking this tea anytime you experience cramps, whether this is a result of your cycle or other cases of intestinal cramps.* 
  • Slow The Flow Extract: This extract can be added to your water three to four times daily to help slow down your menstrual flow. It contains organic red raspberry, shepherd’s purse, and yarrow to soothe your body.* 
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea: For pure red raspberry leaf tea, try this delicious tea out! Many of our clients love this for supporting their reproductive system and for the many minerals it provides them.* 
  • Red Raspberry Capsules: If you prefer to take capsules, try our Red Raspberry Capsules out. They are rich in minerals and help to balance the female systems. Many of our clients also take these capsules to help with iron deficiencies.* 

Supportive Essential Oils

Essential oils can be a fantastic way to support your mind and body during your cycle. Whether you add essential oils to massage oil, bath salts, salves, or lotion, or use a diffuser, essential oils are a helpful tool in promoting a more relaxed mind and body. 

Try these incredible essential oils out: 

  • Clary Sage Essential Oil: Clary Sage has traditionally been used for relieving PMS and menstrual symptoms, including cramps, depression, menopausal hot flashes, anxiety, and more. On top of that, it’s known to calm the complexion down, making it a great option if you tend to break out around that time of the month.* 
  • Tarragon Essential Oil: Tarragon Essential Oil, also known as estragon, has long been used to alleviate intestinal spasms. We recommend adding this to massage oil or lotion and gently massaging this into your body where you are feeling aches and pains.* 
  • Cypress Essential Oil: For those of you looking to heal and balance your reproductive system, try Cypress Essential Oil out. Many find this essential oil helpful in balancing their bodies during PMS or after they’ve experienced menstrual disturbances.*

In addition to these essential oils, we’ve developed a terrific Hot & Cold Balm, which helps relieve pain, such as joint pain, menstrual cramps, arthritis, and more. If you struggle with achiness or cramps, this balm is an excellent choice for easing your discomfort.* 

We hope this piece gives you some ideas for ways to support your body and boost your mood during that time of the month. 

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