white mortar and pestle with black pepper

The Power of Black Pepper: 4 Amazing Black Pepper Health Benefits

White mortar and pestle with black pepper

Salt and pepper. Out of the two, black pepper can often be overlooked for its punchy counterpart, but this is a mistake!

Black pepper enhances so many foods, even teas, and has many health benefits - without adding extra sodium to your diet, which I know many of us are striving to reduce. 

Keep reading to learn more about this peppery seasoning, the science behind its health benefits, and how you can easily add more of this delicious, supportive spice into your life. 

Promotes Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Chronic inflammation is caused by many conditions, injuries, arthritis, and more. Unfortunately, it’s a widespread issue that many of us are dealing with or will deal with at some point in our lives, so finding remedies that support your body when you’re experiencing it is essential. 

Black pepper has been studied many times for decreasing inflammation with promising results. A National Library of Medicine study found that piperine, the active ingredient in black pepper responsible for the “bite” you taste when eating the spice, has many health benefits and pharmacological effects, particularly against chronic diseases. The study indicated that piperine may reduce inflammation and insulin resistance and improve hepatic steatosis, commonly called a “fatty liver.” 

Another study demonstrated that piperine had anti-inflammatory, antiarthritic, and antinociceptive (pain-suppressing) effects. In addition, scientists conducting a different 2013 study concluded that piperine “may be useful in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.” 

How to Use Black Pepper to Support Reduced Inflammation

One of our favorite ways to support a sore, inflamed, or overworked body is taking Black Pepper Essential Oil in a base of Jojoba Oil and massaging this into tender parts of the body. We find the warming, stimulating sensation of Black Pepper Essential Oil especially helpful for providing a quick boost in energy or soothing a sore body. 

Black Pepper Essential Oil pairs well with many other essential oils. However, we particularly like blending it with Lemon Essential Oil for a soothing, anti-inflammatory formula with a refreshing scent. 

May Improve Bioavailability of Turmeric and Other Nutrients

A unique benefit of black pepper is it helps activate other powerhouse herbs, such as turmeric. 

Turmeric is a famously bright yellow spice that promotes a healthy inflammatory response, liver function, and metabolism regulation. It’s commonly taken for arthritis due to these purported benefits. However, the active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, is sometimes excreted by the liver prematurely after it is made water-soluble. The active ingredient in black pepper, piperine, slows this process down so that the curcumin isn’t excreted too quickly, making it more bioavailable. 

According to the UMass Chan Medical School for Applied Nutrition, just a 1/20th teaspoon or more of black pepper paired with turmeric significantly increases its potential health benefits. 

Some studies have also indicated that black pepper may improve the absorption of nutrients like selenium and calcium, along with plant compounds found in green tea. 

How to Use Black Pepper and Turmeric Together

Black pepper does wonders for improving turmeric’s ability to support the body. So, It’s no surprise that you’ll frequently find these two spices together in herbal remedies, like our Turmeric and Black Pepper Capsules, which are ideal for anyone interested in supporting a healthy inflammatory response and liver function. 

Turmeric and black pepper also pair together amazingly in cooking! We’ve even created a Savory Turmeric Seasoning Blend containing turmeric, onion, garlic, black pepper, and other delicious spices sure to add zest to any savory dishes. We recommend this blend as a salad sprinkle or on vegetables, chicken, pasta, legumes, or scrambled eggs. 

Supports the Body During Colds and Flus

Nobody enjoys being sick, but many herbal remedies, like black pepper, can soothe symptoms and make you feel a little less miserable as you recover! 

A study investigating piperine’s effect on the airway in patients with asthma or allergic airway inflammation revealed that piperine effectively reduced inflammation in the airways. These are promising results for anyone who experiences asthma, allergies, or inflammation in the airway due to a cold. 

Multiple studies indicate that piperine has potent pain-relieving properties, which may help if you’re struggling with a bad headache or body aches during the flu. Other findings inferred that piperine works as an analgesic on the same opioid pathways in the body, explaining why it may help relieve pain. 

How to Support Your Body with Black Pepper 

Interested in black pepper’s soothing effects? Try these options out to support your body. 

  • Rub Black Pepper Essential Oil in a carrier oil onto the body to help with body aches, discomfort, and muscle tension. 
  • Incorporate Black Peppercorns into your diet. Black pepper’s delicious and robust flavor can tempt you to eat when your taste is off while sick. It’s terrific on meats, veggies, and soup - a must-have staple when you’re under the weather. 
  • Drink a relaxing cup of Vanilla Chai Black Tea. Nothing helps a sore throat like a scrumptious cup of tea. This rich chai tea provides a burst of caffeine alongside a warming, soothing effect from ingredients like black pepper, ginger, and cinnamon. You can even add a spoonful of raw honey to add a burst of extra antioxidants and soothe a sore throat. 

May Help with Weight Loss

Some newer studies indicate that black pepper’s active ingredient, piperine, may support weight loss.

A 2018 study found that supplementing mice with piperine and curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, alongside a 20% caloric deficit, accelerated weight loss. Combining these spices is believed to suppress inflammation, help metabolic syndrome, and promote better health, contributing to weight loss. 

Another study investigating insulin resistance and favorable health changes noted that a supplement blend containing piperine was effective. The study compared two groups with an average age of 43.7 years old and BMI of 30.3 and found that the supplemented group experienced greater treatment of obesity-related inflammatory, metabolic dysfunctions, which may contribute to an individual’s ability to lose weight healthily. 

While research for this potential health benefit is in its early stages, we found these findings very promising! 

How to Support Your Body with Black Pepper

If you want to support your body with black pepper, we recommend checking out our Turmeric and Black Pepper Capsules

As always, speak with your healthcare provider before changing your diet, especially if you have any medical conditions, take other pharmaceutical drugs, or are pregnant or lactating. 

Final Thoughts

Black pepper has so many amazing purported health benefits! We can’t wait to see what future research reveals on its supportive properties and hope this article gave you a quick overview of some of its most touted effects. 

Well Wishes, 

Herbalist Natalie & Herbalist Leilah

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