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The Top 5 Health Benefits of Rose Petals

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Roses are one of the most iconic symbols of Valentine’s Day. While most of us think of roses as just decorative flowers to display, they actually have a wide variety of health benefits.

Today, we’re sharing the top five health benefits of rose petals and how you can incorporate rose petals into your day-to-day life beyond the Valentine’s Day holiday! 

High in Antioxidants

Rose tea and rose petals are rich in antioxidants, which are compounds that can combat free radicals released during oxidative stress. In return, this may reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, such as cancer, and help fight premature aging. 

The largest source of antioxidants in rose petals are polyphenols, which are believed to lessen the risk of certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, and even protect the brain from degenerative disease. 

May Provide PMS Relief 

Many women and girls are affected by painful periods, impacting their day-to-day lives, professional or academic performance, and general well-being during that time of the month. 

Rose tea has long been touted as a way to alleviate menstrual pain but hasn’t been studied scientifically until now. Recently, researchers studied rose petals for relief of primary dysmenorrhea, which is the cramping pain during or before a period. For this study, the rose tea-drinking group drank two cups of rose tea daily for 12 days, beginning one week before their period. 

This study on 130 female adolescents over six months showed that drinking rose tea decreased perceived menstrual pain, anxiety, and distress. The experimental group in the study drinking rose tea also reported greater mind-body well-being over time. 

Supports Reduced Stress Level

Several studies have shown that rose petals benefit and support reduced stress levels and improved mood. 

One study on Rosa gallica, the French Rose, demonstrated that animals subjected to chronic stress and given French Rose orally experienced an anti-stress effect. The study concluded that French Rose might be used medicinally for stress prevention and relief. 

Another study demonstrated that rose extract alleviated endurance exercise-induced and sleep-deprived stress. Rose extract also showed potential for use as antistress therapy to treat individuals experiencing sleep deprivation. 

Aphrodisiac Effects

Rose absolute was shown to exhibit anti-depressant-like activity by increasing antioxidants in the cerebral cortex and decreasing lipid peroxidation. In addition, participants with reduced libido as a result of depression were shown to experience improved sexual dysfunction after two to eight weeks of use.  

This result is thought to occur because of lessened depression and rose absolute’s touted happiness, aphrodisiac, and confidence-boosting properties. 

May Help Stomach Upset

Rose essential oil and rose petals have been traditionally used to support the digestive system and encourage less gastrointestinal upset. Scientific studies have backed this up, with many scientists believing that the lessened stomach upset and improved digestion is due to rose’s anti-inflammatory properties. 

So, next time you’re experiencing an upset stomach, consider drinking a cup of rose tea to support your digestive system and promote less inflammation in the body. 

Add Rose to Your Life

Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate rose petals into your routine: 

Drink Rose Tea

These delightful rose teas are scrumptious and great for supporting the mind and body: 

  • Red Rose Petals Tea: This tea has light floral notes and a nice taste that lingers after you finish sipping it. Absolutely beautiful to look at! 
  • Cherry Rose Rooibos Tea: Our Cherry Rose Rooibos Tea is naturally caffeine-free. The lovely taste of blackberry, cherry, rose, and rooibos blended together makes this a sweet, pleasant tea for any time of day. 
  • La La Land Tea: Struggling to unwind at the end of the day? Sip a cup of this relaxing tea before bedtime. It contains red raspberry leaf, red rose petals, skullcap, and more for the ultimate before-bed drink. 
  • Pink Rose Petals Tea: This rose tea is pleasing to the palette with a light, floral taste. It’s also amazing added to potpourri and gives it a beautiful rosy fragrance.  
  • Harmony For Your Head Tea: An excellent choice for anyone interested in a soothing, relaxing tea blend. The rose petals, white willow bark, spearmint, lavender, passion flower, and other herbs promote increased relaxation and support lessened headaches. 
  • Raspberry Strawberry Herb & Fruit Tea: If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this decadent, fruity tea blend containing rose petals, strawberry pieces, raspberry pieces, hibiscus, elder berries, and much more. Fantastic both hot and iced! 

Diffused or Applied as an Essential Oil

Our rose essential oils are extracted from the flower, making this an easy way to incorporate rose petals into your everyday life. Consider diffusing it throughout your home or applying it to the body inside a carrier oil, lotion, or salve to reap the many health benefits. 

Here are a few of our favorite rose essential oils: 

  • Rose Absolute-Essential Oil: This relaxing essential oil is frequently used to possibly reduce anxiety, stress, and PMS pain. It may also promote sensuality, confidence, and inner vitality, making it an excellent essential oil to diffuse for a relaxing night in, after a long, stressful day, or for date night. 
  • Heart Chakra Roll-On Oil Blend: This essential oil blend based in organic jojoba oil contains rose absolute, cypress, rosewood, eucalyptus, geranium, and other emotionally supportive essential oils. Apply to your pulse points and Heart Chakra to center yourself and soothe your emotions. 

Interested in learning more about your heart chakra? Read our article on balancing your heart chakra here. Rose petals and rose quartz are two frequently used items for supporting this emotionally-charged chakra. 

We hope this article will make you think twice next time you see a beautiful vase filled with roses. Roses are both visually stunning and incredible for supporting your mind, body, and soul.

Sending you rose-colored love! 

Herbalists Natalie & Leilah

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