What Is Thief Oil?

What Is Thief Oil?

Thief oil

People always ask us, what is Thief Oil? What do you do with it? One lady recently asked us humorously, is it for kleptomaniac? Here is the story about Thief oil:

Since ancient times aromatic plants have been used as a protection against infectious illnesses, the most notable example being the great waves of plague, which swept across Europe. There are many records of people who worked with aromatic plants or oils, escaping the plague, while others all around them were dying. In Toulouse, France, a band of thieves is alleged to have stripped and robbed the bodies of plague victims without harm to themselves, thanks to an aromatic compound made of cloves, sage, marjoram, rosemary, juniper and camphor, all known and used in aromatherapy for their antiviral and antibacterial properties, with meadowsweet, wormwood, horehound and angelica.

Around 1992 a gentleman visited The Herb Stop, asking us if we could put an oil formula together for him, as he was handing me a purple piece of paper. I looked at it, but could not read it, as it was written in Hebrew. He translated it for us, and we got busy preparing his formula. He came back several more times and we repeated the formula for him. One day he decided to gift us his formula and left the purple piece of paper in our lab (which I still have today) and encouraged us to make it for all of our customers. He said:" Get the protection you and your customers need with this oil blend. You see, I wear it for physical protection against known and unknown illnesses, as well as for psychic protection. As a Rabbi I often travel to Jerusalem to visit friends, and before entering  holy places I anoint myself, as well as others". With gratitude we accepted his gift and have been offering this oil blend to our customers since 1992 and named it Thief oil.

We now prepare and offer Thief oil in five different forms:

  1. The original Thief oil blend with infused oils and essential oils (use it whenever you are around people who are ill. Place a few drops under your nose or your throat area).
  2. The original Thief oil in a easy to use Roll-On bottle (great to put into your pocket or purse. I roll a little on my hands when I enter a grocery store, instead of using chemical disinfectants).
  3. The original Thief oil, without the infused oils (great to use in a diffuser)
  4. The original Thief oil in a bar of soap (a really nice smelling antibacterial soap. Before and after Natalie's open heart surgery she used this soap to prevent infections).
  5. The original Thief oil in a liquid soap (this easy to use liquid soap is loaded with essential oils, leaving your hands soft and squeaky clean). 

Thief oil's possible bactericidal and anti-viral properties may offer a real protection against infection during epidemics. Use Thief oil whenever you are in large crowds, such as school, church, shopping center, etc., or when traveling, especially in airplanes.

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