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Mastering The World Of Herbs-- A Know How - How To Reference Guide To Herbs, Essential Oils, And All Things Natural

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Mastering the World of Herbs is a comprehensive and practical reference guide to the world of herbs and all things natural, with easy to read descriptions on a wide-range of herbs, spices, essential oils, carrier oils, hydrosols, Ayurvedic herbs, Chinese herbs, making your own herbal medicine, herbal safety guide, chakras and herbs, astrology and herbs, and much, much more. Leilah’s focus is on people using herbs every day in a safe, practical and easy way.  She says, “Herbal knowledge and experiences comes with practical use.  Nothing becomes real until it is experienced.”

Since 1970, Leilah has been sharing her knowledge, experience, and love of herbs as an educator, entreprenueur and researcher in Europe, Canada and the United States.  She founded The Herb Stop in 1992 and has created an extensive line of herbal products, as well as a series of Herb Stop Certification classes, which are being taught in Pine, Arizona.  She was born and raised in Switzerland, where she received her formal herbal education.  Leilah continued her studies at the   Canadian College of Natural Healing.  Currently she continues her research on Vibrational Essences, offers herbal consultations, writes and publishes newsletters, articles, and books.

Some topics include: Ayurvedic Herbs, Carrier Oils & Butters, Castor Oil, Cell Salts, Chinese Patent Formulas, Medicinal Clays, Medicinal Desert Plants, How to Prepare Herbal Medicines, Dosing Guidelines, Ear Coning, Gifts from the Honeybee, Herbal First Aid Kit, Herbal Safety Guidelines, Salts, Natural Sweeteners, Chakras and Herbs, Astrology and Herbs, Essential Oils, the extensive Herb List, and much more.

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