Herbal Consultations


What To Expect When You Schedule A Consultation:

  • The initial consultation lasts approximately one hour. During this visit Leilah and/or Natalie will discuss your intake form, health history, current health issues, concerns and questions. Leilah and/or Natalie may include iridology and a numerological health analysis process to identify the underlying causes of disharmony in body, mind or emotions.
  • Two to three weeks after your initial consultation,  Leilah and/or Natalie will meet with you again to check your progress, answer any questions you may have and decide if any fine-tuning is needed in your protocol.
  • If necessary, schedule follow-up visits.

About Leilah

Leilah has studied many healing systems for over 40 years in Europe, Canada and the United States. She has applied the principles studied first on herself for her own healing, then offered her expertise to individuals who desire to take their health into their own hands. Leilah is the founder of the Herb Stop Botanical Medicine stores and has created an extensive line of herbal products for the Herb Stop, and The Herb Stop Herbal Certification Course. Currently, she continues her research on Vibrational Essences, writes and publishes newsletters, articles and books.

About Natalie

Natalie has studied under Leilah for more than 20 years and has served the public as an herbalist for 15 years.  She has a double certification from Clayton College of Natural Health in Family & Consulting Herbalism, certification from the School of Natural Healing as a Family Herbalist, as well as completing the American Botanical Council’s Herbal Information Specialist Courses I & II. Natalie also has a certification in Spectro-Chrome Therapy and is a Reiki II Practitioner. Currently Natalie is working on Certification in Iridology.

Natalie has successfully recovered from a myriad of digestive illnesses and is well known for her natural and surgery-free recovery from gallstones. She has also had open heart surgery to replace her aortic valve from a birth defect (bicuspid aortic valve) and has personal knowledge of warfarin management with alternative medicine. Natalie is also a passionate plant-based, whole foods cook.

How To Schedule A Consultation

All consultations are by appointment only. To schedule a visit, phone consultation, or for additional information, please contact us at:  
Toll free: 877.345.HERB(4372)  
Telephone: 928.476.4144  
Consultation hours are: Wednesday – Friday, 10 am to 4 pm


The fee for Leilah's and/or Natalie's service is $65 and includes a one-hour consultation and a health/herbal protocol.


A consultation is an educational service Leilah and/or Natalie provides and is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any specific illnesses or ailments.

Intake Form

Please download and fill out our intake form and bring it with you to your scheduled appointment.  Click here for the form.