5 Ways To Use Neroli Essential Oil

5 Ways To Use Neroli Essential Oil

5 Ways To Use Neroli Essential Oil

What is Neroli?

Neroli is the blossom from a particular type of orange tree. It must be handled very delicately to not destroy the precious essential oil in each flower. They are often hand picked by delicate hands.

This delicacy of essential oils has been long regarded for its history in aromatherapy. A linalool rich oil that has been used to combat symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, tension, fear, panic, and so much more. Natalie makes her personal anxiety blend with Neroli, watch her video here.

Topically, Neroli is used in many high-end skin care products to nourish all skin types, especially mature. It has also been reputed to lessen the appearance of stretchmarks and some scarring.

As you can imagine, this heavenly scent is also very often used as a perfume.

Here are my 5 favorite ways to use Neroli:

1. The most exquisite perfume oil you will ever create contains NeroliJojoba is actually a liquid wax and will keep for a very long time and should never go rancid, which makes this oil the perfect perfume base.

Blend these essential oils in a base of Jojoba oil and allow to cure for 1 month, or even longer. 

2. This Emotional Lifting Blend is a favorite scent for diffusing around the home. This blend contains essential oils that are all rich in a constituent called Linalool which is well studied to improve emotions.

Place all the essential oils in a 1/2 oz bottle and use as desired in your diffuser.

3. Champagne!!! Celebrate any occasion with the addition of some delicious Neroli Hydrosol in your champagne!

Add a splash of Neroli hydrosol to each glass and top off with Champagne, Sparkling Wine or non-alcoholic options. Sante!

4. This anti-wrinkle face oil can be used to revitalize tired and dull looking skin. Give it at least one month to see improvements.

Place all ingredients into a blue 2 oz bottle with a dropper. Apply approximately 10 drops to face and neck and lightly massage into the skin.

5. Neroli is mildly sedative without causing sleepiness. It can stop caffeine jitters and is good to use during stressful times. Use it as a support when quitting a habit or addiction, such as smoking. Neroli is quite effective for children with ADD and ADHD. Make your own exquisite spray and feel touched by the light of Angel's Wings.

Place Neroli essential oil and water into a 2 oz dropper bottle. Shake well before you spray it on your body, avoiding the face.

I hope you enjoy my top 5 favorite ways to use Neroli Essential Oil.

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