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6 Amazing Pine Needle Health Benefits

Pine Needles

Pine needles are fresh, fragrant leaves that many of us associate with the holidays and winter season. However, pine needles are beneficial year-round to encourage and support many different health functions in the body. 

Today, we’re sharing some of the top pine needle health benefits and how you can incorporate pine needles into your daily life. 

1. Vitamin Rich

Pine Needles contain vitamin A and vitamin C, which are essential for many bodily functions, including red blood cell production, hair and nail growth, and a healthy immune system. 

In particular, vitamin A is vital for our eyes and promotes good bone health. 

The vitamin A and vitamin C in pine needle tea alone is a great reason to try it out! 

2. Mood-Boosting Effects

Many people consider the smell of pine needles alone to be an uplifting, cheerful scent. In addition to this, several studies have researched the effects of pine needles on mood. 

A recent study took several groups of rats. The rats that received pine needle extract orally demonstrated lower levels of depression. The study concluded by theorizing that pine needle extract’s flavonoids, which are believed to fight off free radicals and balance cell activity, positively affected the rats’ mood. 

In short, pine needles may support our mood due to their unique flavonoids and appealing scent.

3. Weight Maintenance

Recent studies have shown that pine needles have an anti-obesity effect. One study divided rats into four groups with various kinds of diets (high in fat, low in fat, etc.). 

Some groups were also given pine needle supplementation in the form of pine needle water extract. The groups that drank pine needle water lost visceral fat mass and weight over the course of the six-week study. 

As a result of this study, pine needles are now being looked into as a possible supplement to aid in weight loss and maintenance efforts.

4. Arthritis and Joint Health

Traditionally, pine needles have been used as a way to soothe arthritic joints by relieving pain. Some countries, like Switzerland, even filled mattresses with pine needles with the belief that it would help sore joints while we slept. 

Science Daily recently reported that pine needles and pine bark have been found to have both pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. In the future, scientists are looking into developing foods with pine to possibly treat arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. 

If you’re looking to support your joint health and soothe muscular aches and pain, our pine essential oil is a popular choice. We also recommend it to clients looking to aid in the healing of minor cuts and scratches! 

5. Antioxidant-Rich

Pine needles are believed to be antioxidant-rich. As a result, several studies have surveyed the effects of pine needles on cancer specifically. 

One study choose pine needles to study after looking at their long, rich history as a medicinal food in Korea. To research the health benefits of pine needles, mice with Sarcoma, a soft tissue cancer, were fed pine needle powder and studied. 

Throughout the study, the mice given pine needle powder had higher rates of tumor suppression, which is credited to the antitumor, antioxidant properties within the pine needle powder. 

Scientists are continuing to study pine needles for their potential anti-cancer properties as a result of this study and others like it. We must say we are very excited by the prospect!

6. Respiratory Benefits

Pine needle tea and pine needle extract are some of our favorite recommendations for those suffering from a cold or other respiratory conditions. 

Pine essential oil and eucalyptus oil are an incredibly potent combination for clearing your sinuses and promoting lowered nasal inflammation. If you struggle with allergies or colds, pine essential oil is a wonderful essential oil to have on hand for those congested days. 

How Can I Incorporate Pine Needles Into My Routine?

We’re glad you asked! There are many ways you can go about incorporating this fantastic ingredient into your everyday life. 

If you enjoy tea, we recommend: 

  • Pine Needle Lemon Tea: We promise you won’t be disappointed with this delightful pine needle tea flavored with lemon and vanilla! Absolutely delicious and a great way to incorporate more pine needles into your life. This tea is decaffeinated, making it a great option for the afternoon or evening. 
  • Pine-Strawberry Forest Tea: For those looking for a sweeter fix, this is the tea for you! Made with freeze-dried strawberries and pine needles, this tea will instantly make you feel like you’re back in the forest. Try this tea cold or hot - it’s scrumptious both ways!
  • Forest Fire Black Tea: If you’re looking for a caffeinated tea with a subtle but smoky flavor, this tea won’t disappoint. This unique tea is impressive on its own but can also be added to your morning coffee to make a delicious, savory blend unlike any other. 

For more information on our best-selling teas, check out our ultimate tea guide here

Some of our other favorite pine needle products: 

  • Pine Needle Sprinkle: If you enjoy cooking and like to add a little bit of tartness to your food, this spice is for you. Pine Needle Sprinkle begins with pine needles, which are then sweetened with honey and combined with zingy lemon peel. This sprinkle is especially delicious on top of barbeque foods and sweet treats, like sorbet. 
  • Pine-Strawberry Soap: If you struggle with dry hands or little cuts on your hands, our Pine Strawberry Soap is an excellent choice. Not only will you smell positively delightful, but pine needles support cut and scratch healing. This soap’s olive oil base is also extra hydrating and gentle on the skin. 
  • Pinon Pine Smudge Bundle: For those that enjoy incense, our Pinon Pine Smudge Bundle will fill your home with a beautiful pine scent. You can also use this to smudge and cleanse the air! 

Pine trees may be associated with wintertime, but their leaves are highly beneficial to us year-round. Whether you’re looking for an uplifting scent or an antioxidant-rich tea, pine needles pack a punch! 

Until Next Time, 

Natalie & Leilah

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