Blue tea cup with spoon and lemon

The Ultimate Guide to Our Best Selling Herbal Teas

Blue tea cup with spoon and lemon

Tea is one of those beverages that anyone can enjoy. So whether you prefer tea piping hot or iced, caffeinated or caffeine-free, or sweet or spicy, there is a tea out there for you! 

Tea is so popular that it’s ranked almost as high as water for beverages consumed, and nearly 80% of US households currently have tea of some kind in their home. Between the incredible flavors and health benefits, it’s no surprise that tea is so popular.

Here are just a couple of the science-backed tea health benefits

  • The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that black tea reduced blood pressure in those with hypertension. 
  • Another study found that those who drank two or more cups of green tea daily reduced their risk of dying from cardiovascular-related causes by 22 to 23%! 
  • Green tea consumption has been shown to reduce psychological distress and risk of neurological disease development, such as dementia.

These are just a few of the fantastic health benefits that tea offers us, along with keeping us hydrated! 

Whether your a huge tea lover already or struggling to find a tea you really enjoy, we want to help you find a tea that you will love!  

These are some of our top-selling teas that people come back for again and again! We’ve broken them down into categories, so you can easily find teas that you’d prefer. 

Our Best Tisanes (Medicinal Teas)

If you’re looking for a tea to supplement and support your body in different ways, such as helping with insomnia, or focus, check out some of our most popular tisane teas. 

  • Brain Tea: Designed to nourish the brain, our Brain Tea is an excellent pick for enhancing your ability to focus and maintain peaceful energy. Some of our clients use this for the symptoms associated with hyperactivity, ADD, depression, and scattered brain symptoms. 
  • Congestion Clearing Tea: By far one of our most popular teas during cold and flu season, our Congestion Clearing Tea uses peppermint and eucalyptus to soothe the throat, and cinnamon and cloves to give the beverage a warm, spicy taste. 
  • La La Land Tea: La La Land Tea is made from a delicious blend of red rose petals, red raspberry leaf, spearmint leaf, and more. This tea is designed to help you ease yourself into a deep sleep.
  • Sleepy Tea: Looking for the perfect tea to help ease you into sleep? We recommend drinking a cup of our Sleepy Tea before bed which may help with insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, and tension. This tea is also sometimes used for the symptoms associated with muscle spasms, back pain, tremors, and tension headaches. 
  • Our Best Rooibos and Honeybush Teas

    Rooibos tea is an exceptionally refreshing type of tea that many enjoy for its versatility. Fabulous served both hot and cold! Rooibos tea is an excellent noncaffeinated tea option for the afternoon, evening, or for those who are sensitive to or avoiding caffeine. 

    Here are a few of our top-selling choices:  

  • Apricot Honeybush Tea: If you enjoy a soft, mellow flavor with a touch of sweetness and crispness, try our Apricot Honeybush Tea. Amazing served over ice! 
  • Cinnamon Bun Tea: If nothing appeals to you more than a delicious cinnamon bun, then this tea is for you! Warming, relaxing, and packed with antioxidants, this best-selling tea is beyond delicious. 
  • Pine Strawberry Forest Tea: One of our all-time best-selling teas, the Pine Strawberry Forest Tea is a scrumptious blend of strawberry, hibiscus, apple, and raspberry. We have added locally harvested pine needles which gives this tea a unique flavor and transports you to straight to Pine, AZ! If you enjoy a sweet drink that is excellent hot or cold, this is a fantastic choice! 
  • Georgia Peach Tea: Sweet, juicy, and combined with delicious blackberry leaf, our Georgia Peach Tea is an especially popular choice for spring and summer. 

  • For more information on Rooibos Tea, check out our guide to Rooibos Tea here

    Our Best Black Teas

    If you’re looking for a caffeinated tea, try some of our best-selling black teas out. 

  • Butterscotch Black Tea: Sweet and buttery, this tea will make you feel like you’re eating dessert with its butterscotch, apple, and cocoa flavor. 
  • Chestnut Black Tea: An especially popular choice for Fall and Winter, Chestnut Black Tea is rich, smooth, and decadent in taste. 
  • Peach Apricot Black Tea: Delicious both hot and cold, our Peach Apricot Black Tea is a must-have for any fruit lover. 
  • Our Best Herb and Fruit Teas

    If you enjoy a sweet-tasting beverage, try one of these delicious fruity teas. 

  • Blood Orange Herb & Fruit Tea: If you enjoy a rich citrus flavor, this tea is for you! Delightful, hearty, and caffeine-free.  
  • Very Berry Elder Berry Herb & Fruit Tea: We’re told by clients regularly that this is their all-time favorite herb and fruit tea! Between the sweet raisins, tart hibiscus, and elder berries, we’d be inclined to agree. So if you’re having trouble picking a tea, this is definitely one of our top recommendations. 
  • Pumpkin Pie Herb and Fruit Tea: The ultimate Autumn harvest tea! Warm and savory with a touch of sweetness. This tea packs a lovely blend of apples, beets, carrots, pumpkins, cinnamon, hibiscus, pomegranate, and more into one tasty drink. 
  • Our Best Green and White Teas

    If you’re looking for a bit of caffeine, green and white teas are an excellent choice. 

    Here are a few of our top-sellers: 

  • Blueberry Gunpowder Green Tea: Blueberry Gunpowder Green Tea is an exceptionally refreshing choice with sweet undernotes. It combines a slight smokiness with a sweet finish that our clients come back for again and again! 
  • Crime of Passion Sencha Green Tea: A naturally sweet tea with a sultry effect, our Crime of Passion Sencha Green Tea is a popular choice for its refreshing, sensual taste. 
  • Peach Apricot White Tea: Looking for a delicious fruity tea? Then, this is the tea for you! With its soft citrus and honey notes, Peach Apricot White Tea is a subtle and yummy tea to enjoy. 
  • Our Best Chai Teas

    For those who enjoy a spicy, savory type of beverage, chai tea is an excellent choice. 

    Chai teas are usually sweetened with a pinch of vanilla, stevia, or milk. For detailed instructions on making the perfect cup of Chai tea, read our previous blog post on Chai Tea here

    • Turmeric Chai Tea: Amazing both cold or hot, this caffeine-free tea is chock full of turmeric, which supports many health benefits, including a healthy liver, bone and joint health, and blood purification. 
    • Honeybush Chai Tea: A delightful chai tea mixed with honeybush and vanilla. This is another excellent caffeine-free tea option that packs an intense, warming flavor. 
    • Vanilla Chai Black Tea: For a caffeinated Chai tea option, try our popular Vanilla Chai Black Tea. Created with vanilla and a wonderful blend of Chai tea spices!

    We hope this guide to our most popular teas gives you some ideas for new, delicious teas to try out!

    Warming Cheers! 

    Natalie & Leilah 

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