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AMAZING Herbal Afternoon Teas and the History of Afternoon Tea

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April is National Afternoon Tea Month, and it’s a tradition we definitely love! 

Enjoying afternoon tea became a tradition nearly 200 years ago in the United Kingdom. While it was enjoyed mainly by the upper class who had more leisure time, it quickly became a widespread tradition and social occasion among many in the UK. 

In the 19th century, most people would eat dinner between eight and nine o’clock at night, making afternoon tea a great time to enjoy tea, socialize with others, and enjoy a light meal or snack to keep them going until their late dinner. After a while, afternoon tea evolved into a social event where people would gather in tea gardens, restaurants, and friends’ homes to enjoy each other’s company. 

While many of us may eat earlier than eight or nine o’clock at night, afternoon tea is still a great way to slow down, incorporate mindfulness into your day-to-day life, and enjoy a delicious cup of tea. Keep reading to learn more about how to create an afternoon tea habit and what teas are most popular for afternoon tea! 

Fun fact!: National Tea Day falls on April 21st, which is Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. It doesn’t get more British than that! The British still drink approximately 165 million cups of tea every day. 

How to Incorporate Mindful Afternoon Tea into Your Life

Today, afternoon tea is traditionally served between three to five o’clock in the afternoon, but you can adjust this based on when you eat dinner and your schedule. If you have a lunch break or an afternoon break at work, you can also incorporate tea into your break. 

For a mindful, relaxing afternoon tea, take a moment to brew your favorite afternoon tea and incorporate one or two of the following mindful practices: 

  • Take a few deep breaths and assess how your mind and body feel. Are you holding tension anywhere? Do you feel relaxed, stressed, frazzled? Don’t judge yourself. Simply take a moment to relax and reflect on how you’re feeling. 
  • Read a few pages of your favorite book. 
  • Call or sit down and chat with a loved one. 
  • Journal - try writing about your day, brain dumping, or completing a journal prompt. 
  • Slowly sip your tea and munch on a snack, savoring each sip and bite and appreciating the delicious flavors. 

Amazing Afternoon Teas

Traditionally, afternoon tea choices were Earl Grey and English Breakfast, but this quickly expanded to other popular teas like chamomile, jasmine, peppermint, chai, fruity, and herbal tea options. 

Of course, afternoon tea can be whatever brings the most joy to your life! 

You may also want to consider how caffeine affects you. Some people like caffeinated teas in the afternoon, while others may find it affects their sleep. 

Here are a few of our favorite tea recommendations for afternoon tea.

Springy Caffeinated Teas

Looking for a delightful, springy tea? These are a few of our favorites! 

  • Lavender Earl Grey Black Tea: This fresh, floral, and delicate tea is a perfect afternoon tea option. If you’re looking for a caffeinated boost in the afternoon, this is also a great choice! 
  • Jasmine Green Tea with Flowers: This lightly caffeinated green tea smells like a floral bouquet, perfect for a springy, mindful afternoon tea. Not only this, but the tea has jasmine blossoms which creates a beautiful visual.
  • English Breakfast Black Tea: A classic afternoon tea choice! Our English Breakfast Black Tea is rich in British history and a popular black tea choice that many people enjoy. 
  • Earl Grey Black Tea: Another caffeinated option great for afternoon tea. This classic choice has a black tea base with subtle touches of sumptuous bergamot orange. 
  • Vanilla Chai Black Tea: This savory, spicy tea has a touch of creaminess due to the added vanilla! It’s rich and caffeinated - great for anyone looking to beat the afternoon slump. 

Decaffeinated Afternoon Teas

If you love afternoon tea but don’t want anything strongly caffeinated, these are some incredible choices: 

Caffeine-Free Afternoon Teas

Some of our favorite caffeine-free afternoon tea options: 

  • Cherry Rose Rooibos Tea: We crafted our Cherry Rose Rooibos Tea to please with fresh cherry and roses, which couldn’t be more springy if we tried! On top of this, rooibos is nutritionally rich and has a luxurious effect on the senses. 
  • Peppermint Tea: If you love a refreshing minty tea, you’ll love our Peppermint tea. Refreshing, calming, and energizing - a perfect choice for overcoming the afternoon slump! 
  • White Chocolate Pistachio Honeybush Tea: Have a sweet tooth? This tea is for you! This charming, sweet, and nutty tea is a fabulous post-lunch dessert.
  • Unwind Tea: Enjoy this delicious passion fruit-inspired tea to calm and soothe your mind and body after a long day. This would be an excellent choice for transitioning to a slower afternoon pace or drinking as you get off work. 
  • Chamomile Tea: Chamomile Tea is a soothing choice for those looking for a caffeine-free afternoon tea option. Chamomile is also great for calming the body, especially if you struggle with post-lunch digestive issues. 

For even more tea choices, check out our Ultimate Guide to Our Best Selling Herbal Teas here.

What are your favorite afternoon teas? 

We hope you’ll celebrate National Afternoon Tea Month and National Tea Day with us as we rejoice in the rich history of afternoon tea, slowing down and enjoying every day, and socializing with loved ones! 

Tschau mittenand, 

Natalie & Leilah

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