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Bored with Your Popcorn? Check Out These Amazing Popcorn Seasoning Ideas

Popcorn in container

Gone are the days when popcorn needs to be smothered in butter and salt to taste good. There are so many delightful popcorn variations now, and we’re here for it! 

Today, we want to share some of our favorite popcorn seasoning blends to spice up your popcorn snacking. Perfect for a cozy winter movie night in! 

Don’t forget to make plenty of popcorn to share with your loved ones. We guarantee they won’t be able to keep their hands off these amazing popcorn flavors either. 

For the Cheese Lovers

We all know that person - the one who can’t get enough cheese. That person may even be you. For our vegan and dairy-free friends out there, we even have some dairy-free cheesy popcorn blends for you. 

With these tasty cheese blends, your palette will be delighted. Bon appetite! 

  • Cheddar & Spice Popcorn Seasoning: Our incredible cheddar popcorn seasoning will delight anyone who loves cheese! We’ve added a bit of zip with onion, garlic, salt, and peppery notes to make this a fantastic go-to popcorn seasoning that is anything but boring. Try it on pasta, potatoes, nachos, and salads. We’re sure you’ll love it!
  • White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Seasoning: For a slight twist on our cheddar cheese popcorn seasonings, try our excellent, creamy white cheddar cheese popcorn seasoning. It is delicious, tasty, and it adds a beautiful white color to your popcorn, nachos, and more.  
  • Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Seasoning: For those of you who want pure cheesy flavor, try our Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Seasoning! You won’t even need butter after you’ve added this to your food. 
  • Cheezy Salt & Vinegar Blend (Dairy-free/Vegan): If you’re looking for a dairy-free alternative, try this fantastic vegan blend out. This blend features nutritional yeast with a tangy pop of apple cider vinegar and Himalayan sea salt. Absolutely delicious! We love the vinegar bite this has - it’s sure to pack the flavor. 

For the Spice Lovers Out There

Looking for something out of the ordinary to spice up your popcorn? We’ve got you covered with these spicy, zingy, and lively seasoning blends. 

Try these fantastic popcorn seasoning blends out: 

  • Chili Lime Seasoning: This seasoning is a perfect blend of pasilla chili, Himalayan sea salt, chipotle chili pepper, paprika, cumin, lime, cayenne pepper, and more. It packs a citrusy and warming punch to the palette. Incredible on meats, seafood, veggies, and salads, along with snacks like popcorn, chips, and even fruits. 
  • Cheezy Spicy Nacho Blend (Dairy-free/Vegan): We don’t know about you, but we love to drizzle a decadent nacho cheese sauce over our popcorn. This nutritional yeast blend makes it easy by providing you with lively flavors, like onion, garlic, cayenne, and paprika, which are the perfect addition to a nacho cheese sauce or vegan cheese substitute. We also love this in yogurts, sour cream, or dips for your chips or popcorn. 
  • Adobo Seasoning: A fantastic southwestern spice blend that you can add to pretty much anything! While we typically recommend this for meats, fish, beans, rice, and poultry, this is also fantastic for adding some southwestern flair to your snacks. Our Adobo Seasoning combines sea salt, garlic, onion, black pepper, turmeric, and more to achieve the perfect mouthwatering all-purpose southwestern seasoning blend. 
  • Turmeric Seasoning Blend: Try our turmeric seasoning blend out if you enjoy warming and earthy flavors. This blend combines cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, pepper, and more to enhance foods like oatmeal, popcorn, and potatoes, which tend to lack flavor on their own. If you like a punchy taste, give this blend a try! 
  • Aleppo Pepper: Aleppo Pepper is a deep, rich red chili flake that brings the heat. The delicious finish of this pepper is slightly fruity, bright, and may remind you of the beautiful flavor of sun-dried tomatoes. We love using this on meat, tofu, kebabs, and popcorn! 

For the Savory Lovers Out There

If you enjoy unique, delicious savory flavors, like ranch and sour cream and onion, then this section is a must-read for you. We love creating novel, unusual tastes in our food, and popcorn is no exception!

Here are some of our favorite, savory spice blends that are delicious on popcorn! 

  • Ranch Dip & Dressing Mix: Ranch - you either love it or hate it. We personally love it. Try making a delicious dressing or dip with our ranch blend or sprinkling this right onto your popcorn for a tangy ranch flavor. This goes great with a pizza movie night if you enjoy dipping your pizza in ranch! 
  • Sour Cream & Onion Popcorn Seasoning: This is the perfect zesty blend to add to your popcorn, nachos, dips, salads, pasta, and more. If you can’t get enough of the tangy taste of sour cream paired with mouthwatering onion, you’ll love this blend! You won’t even need butter with this excellent popcorn seasoning. 
  • Lime Pepper: This versatile blend contains onion, pepper, lemon, garlic, lime, and more to bring you a nearly all-purpose seasoning. We recommend this for all kinds of meat, tofu, potatoes, pasta, popcorn, marinades, and more. With this blend, you could easily make an entire meal followed by popcorn, all seasoned with this lively blend! 
  • Cheezy Dill & Vinegar Blend (Dairy-free/Vegan): Another incredible vegan blend that is fantastic on popcorn, veggies, pasta, dips, and even inside soups. This zingy mix combines delicious dill and vinegar notes and has a nutritional yeast base. 
  • Nutritional Yeast Flakes: Another superb dairy-free option that adds a complex, robust flavor to your food. Many describe nutritional yeast as a cheesy, creamy, or nutty flavor, and it’s commonly used as a cheese substitute for those on a dairy-free diet. We recommend this as a topping for popcorn instead of Parmesan cheese. This is also great for anyone looking to watch their sodium consumption because it’s naturally low in sodium and a source of protein and B-complex vitamins. 

For more ideas on how to add flavor to your food without salt, check out our previous piece on salt-free spices and blends here

Thanks for reading! We hope this piece gives you many ideas for ways to spice up your movie night while enjoying new flavors! 


Natalie and Leilah 

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