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Go Nuts! Delicious Nutty Herbal Teas That Are to Die For

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As the temperatures drop, we’re even more inclined to reach for delicious hot tea options to keep our hands and bodies warm. And nothing is better than a warm cup of cozy, nutty tea on a cool day. 

Nutty teas are a favorite during this time of year, and they pair well with many other seasonal flavors, like cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin! To help you find a new nutty tea favorite, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most popular nutty tea options that are delicious, healthful, and cozy. 

Don’t forget to share these scrumptious teas with friends or family - we could all use a little extra warmth during these cold fall and winter months! 

Amazing Nutty, Seasonal Teas 

Looking for a nutty tea that is perfect for fall and winter? Here are some fantastic herbal tea options:

  • Nutty Caramel Rooibos Tea: A decadent tea for caramel lovers. The caramel is complemented with rich chestnuts, hazelnuts, and cocoa nibs to make this a luxurious, smooth tea option. Since this is a caffeine-free tea option, this is perfect for a post-dinner sweet treat! 
  • Winter Palace Marzipan Rooibos Tea: A tea inspired by the romantic tale of Catherine the Great and her patron, Rastrelli. Rastrelli and Catherine bonded over many things, including their love for marzipan. We created this love-inspired tea with almond, marzipan, and dried papaya to capture this lovely moment in history. 
  • Hazelnut Cinnamon Black Tea (Decaffeinated): Nothing screams autumn more than cinnamon and hazelnut! These flavors are paired with rich cream to create a decadent blend that is sure to please. If you are a fan of iced tea, even when it’s cold out, this is also amazing over ice.  
  • Honeybush Chai Tea: For those that enjoy a spicy, intense, and warming flavor profile, this caffeine-free Chai tea is perfection! This is a fantastic autumn and winter tea choice with its spicy combination of nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon, and cardamom paired with a sweet honeybush. 
  • Candy Bar Rooibos Tea: An exquisite tea created with caramel, almond, vanilla, and cream. This is an absolutely decadent, tasty tea perfect for someone with a sweet tooth or to satisfy a craving for a yummy dessert. 
  • Capricorn Tea: Capricorn season falls between December 22nd and January 19th and is the tenth house of the Zodiac. This indulgent tea contains rooibos, almond pieces, vanilla, lemon, and more to support, uplift, and balance the body and mind. On top of this, it tastes delicious! 

Looking for holiday-themed tea choices? Check out our previous piece on our incredible seasonal herbal teas for inspiration here. These teas make fantastic holiday drinks and gifts for friends and family!

Caffeinated Nutty Teas

Love a bit of caffeine in your tea? Try these caffeinated nutty, herbal teas that are sure to please your palette and give you a jolt. 

  • Cherry Marzipan Oolong Tea: For those of you with a sweet tooth, try our decadent Cherry Marzipan Oolong Tea out. This tea combines the delicious flavors of cinnamon, apple, rosehip, wild cherry, almond, and cherries into an intense, luxurious tea that is great for a sweet lover. 
  • Hazelnut Black Tea: Our Hazelnut Black Tea perfectly embodies the iconic taste of hazelnuts: buttery, nutty, and toasty with a slight earthiness. A superb caffeinated choice for the fall and winter months! 
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Arabica Coffee Leaf Tea:  If you love coffee, this tea is sure to please. Created with coffee leaf tea, toasted yerba mate tea, cocoa nibs, and hazelnut, this is a mocha coffee tea with around half the caffeine content of a cup of coffee. A fantastic way to start your day off strong! 
  • Chestnut Black Tea: We can’t promise that Jack Frost won’t nip at your nose while you sip on our Chestnut Black Tea, but we will say this is a delicious, smooth, and rich black tea that is sure to delight! A perfect choice for your morning brew. 
  • Mocha Hazelnut Yerba Mate Tea: This highly caffeinated tea contains dark chocolate chips, toasted mate tea, marigold petals, and delicious hazelnut and chocolate flavors. An incredible tea option for those who love a caffeinated, toasty, and indulgent tea!

Caffeine-Free Nutty Herbal Teas 

If you’re not big on caffeine or love drinking tea at night, we’ve got you covered with these delicious nutty caffeine-free teas.  

  • Banana Bread Honeybush Tea: Go bananas with this excellent caffeine-free tea! Our Banana Bread Honeybush Tea tastes just like liquid banana bread with cinnamon bark, apple pieces, honeybush, and chestnut. 
  • Hazelnut Honeybush Tea: Try this South African Honeybush and hazelnut tea if you enjoy a delicate, mellow flavor. We love this creamy, cozy tea for a relaxing evening in. 
  • White Chocolate Pistachio Honeybush Tea: This lovely tea boasts a floral rose, sweet white chocolate, and a nutty pistachio taste to create a winning combination. It’s caffeine-free and a perfect dessert tea option for after dinner!
  • Go Nuts! Herb & Fruit Tea: A delicious combination of almond, hazelnut, hibiscus, and dried fruit makes this a complex, luxurious drink that is a customer favorite. This tea is naturally caffeine-free, making it a great afternoon or evening tea choice. 
  • Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos Tea: This tea conjures up images of the New Orleans’ French Quarters with its delightful vanilla and almond smell. The mysterious nature of this smooth herbal tea is a fabulous choice for a cozy, bewitching evening. 
  • Immuni-Tea: This tea not only enhances your immune system and helps purify your blood, but it has a lovely chamomile and almond flavor that makes it pleasant to the taste. 

Fall and winter are the coziest parts of the year, and we love embracing the cozy, nutty flavors this season brings. We hope this piece gave you some ideas for ways you can incorporate nutty flavors into your day-to-day life. 

Enjoy the beautiful weather friends! 

Warming Cheers, 

Natalie & Leilah

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