Good Herbal Choices In March

Good Herbal Choices In March

The beginning of spring is March 21st, the time of the spring equinox, when the hours of the day equal the hours of the night. From now on and for the next 6 months the days are getting longer. This is a good time to flush out the winter and wake up, spring is here!

Spring Cleansing Teas

Decelleration Tea is a cleansing tea with a reputation of energizing the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system to cleanse and strengthen the body. You need energy in order to cleanse your body! This tea is also made famous by a dentist for removing toxic metal build up in the body.

Alkalizer Tea is known to cleanse the body by rectifying the acid/alkaline balance. A slightly alkaline body is a healthy body. Viruses and bacteria cannot live in a slightly alkaline system. Also, people who maintain a slight alkaline body NEVER gain weight. Alkalizer Tea is available in tea and capsule form and has been popular since 1992 among our customers. Here are some testimonials:

  • appetite suppressant
  • weight loss
  • enhances metabolism
  • neutralizes high acidity in the body

All Season Cleanse Tea is a rich, green, and pleasant-tasting cleanser tea with just a hint of bitterness to stimulate and support liver function.  It is a mineral rich tea to "help move things out". Sip and get cleansed!   

All Season Tonic is a digestive cleanser. Do you feel as though your digestive system is showing signs of sluggishness? Are you experiencing constipation at this time? Winter season brings in a time when nature hibernates, this includes our bodies. Everything slows down, the body’s energy slows down, and therefore bacteria can collect in our digestive system, depleting our energy and making us feel lethargic. At the beginning of spring, All Season Tonic has shown to be helpful in cleaning out the “residues of winter” and increase vitality on all levels.

Herbs For Energy

Do you have spring fever? Are you feeling tired and unmotivated? Physical Motivation is a formula available in capsule form and is well-known for its energizing and motivating action, without harmful stimulants. It is also known to increase metabolism, mental focus and emotional well-being.
Are you mentally exhausted? Or, are you experiencing mental fogginess? Mental Motivation is available in a liquid form and known to improve memory and cognitive function.

Rejuvenating Spring Recipes

Greens have been a traditional part of the spring diet in most cultures, cleansing, refreshing and building the body. They are plentiful at this time of the year in my neighborhood, especially malvas, sorrel and dandelion. If you are not familiar with these plants, find someone who knows to show you around your area.  Mix your greens with virgin olive oil, lemon juice and a little garlic, and eat as a salad.
Drink freshly pressed lemon juice in a small amount of water first thing in the morning. Do not eat anything for at least 30 minutes after drinking it. Lemon is a perfect liver food and a great body cleanser. High in vitamin C, potassium and other minerals, lemons are somewhat astringent, meaning that hey contract and tighten tissues, which loosens up and clears toxins from deep tissues and organs.

Mood Elevating Spring Scents

Roman chamomile is known to calm anger, tension and irritability, and German chamomile may stimulate liver regeneration, and lemon and/or orange are refreshing, cleansing and uplifting. Add to your diffuser, bath, lotion, laundry final rinse cycle, on a cotton ball tucked under your pillow or placed in the ashtray in your car.

March 21st - April 21st Birthday People

If your birthday falls between March 21st and April 21st your astrological sign is Aries. Aries have a tendency to have problems with the head and face. Some herbs and foods for Aries are: basil, carrot, cayenne, garlic, nettle, onion and radish. Aries tea is an astrological tea designed specifically for Aries people to balance their energies. If you don't feel like drinking tea, The Herb Stop also makes an Aries roll-on you can use when you need balance.

Written by Leilah

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