Good Herbal Choices In June

Good Herbal Choices In June

June is the beginning of summer, a month when many people travel. Here in Arizona, they travel down to the ocean or up into the mountains to escape the scorching heat of our big cities. However, changes in altitude can sometimes make people ill. They experience altitude sickness, which can manifest as a lack of energy and endurance, difficulties in breathing, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and difficulties sleeping. What can you do naturally?

Do you experience nausea or motion sickness while traveling by car, airplane or boat? You may want to know that ginger can combat nausea caused by motion sickness and also to relieve vomiting. Ginger, in small amounts, is also beneficial during pregnancy to alleviate morning sickness.

Physical Motivation
Does air travel make you feel tired and sluggish? Do you experience jet lag? Several people have confirmed, including a customer of ours who is a flight attended, that Physical Motivation helps with jet-lag. Do you need a quick pick-me-up without stimulants? Physical Motivation has been a favorite herbal formula among many of our customers to enhance mental sharpness and physical strength, any day, anytime.

This is my favorite herb for energy, to reduce fatigue, improve cerebral circulation and alertness. Because it is a great mood elevator, I like to call it "The Happy Pill". Eleuthero is also called Siberian Ginseng and is known to balance endocrine activity, promote strength, enhance athletic performance, strengthen the immune system, and reduce stress levels. 

Cooling Tea
If you want to stay cool during the upcoming hot summer days and nights, why not prepare this delicious tasting tea for the whole family? Blend together:

Fill a clear gallon jar with distilled water. Add the herbs and steep for 4-6 hours. Strain and enjoy.

Berries and Cream
Berries and cream are delicious on their own, but when you add neroli essential oil this dessert becomes heavenly. Plus, neroli has relaxing, soothing and rejuvenating properties, shown to help with anxiety, depression, nervous tension, fear and panic. Rinse one pint of berries in cold water, fold into paper towel and cool in refrigerator. To one cup of whipped cream (one tablespoon of whipped cream has 52 calories) add one teaspoon of turbinado sugar and one to two drops of neroli essential oil. Mix very well. Arrange the berries in a pretty dish, and place a dollop of cream on top.

Scent For June
The real scent of roses has always stirred up feelings of love and romance. Because pure essential oil of rose is cost prohibitive (1200 dollars for one ounce), rosewater makes better sense economically. Rose water or hydrosol treats the autonomic nervous system and makes you “feel good”.  Rose water can be enjoyed in many ways:

  • Breathe in the aroma of rose water to cheer you up, give you confidence, and awaken passion, fulfillment and a sense of freedom.
  • Spray rose water on your face to moisturize and cool your skin. It is suitable for all skin types, but especially for dry, mature, sensitive and devitalized skin.
  • Add to your final hair rinse water to give your hair an all-day lingering fragrance.
  • For a sensuous bedroom aroma try spraying the sheets with it.
  • While traveling spray some rose water on your face, hands and arms for a cooling effect on both your body and your emotions.
  • Apply rose water eye compresses to moisturize dry eyes. It cools the eyes, removes redness and burning sensations.
  • Rose water can be added to desserts, ice creams, beverages, or a glass of champagne. (Caution: Rose water has a cleansing effect, use small quantities to avoid loose stool. Make sure  to  use rose water or hydrosol and not rose essential oil added to water. Read the label).

The fundamental nature of rose has a special affinity with the heart, letting you love yourself more. I once knew a man who used rose essential oil everyday for about 6 months after his open heart surgery to encourage speedy recovery and to help him open and heal the emotional heart. 

Enjoy The Journey Roll-On
Enjoy the Journey Roll-On was created with all aspects of travelling in mind.  The carefully selected essential oils are known to aid with many of the travelling ailments, such as fatigue, jet lag, digestive troubles, respiratory congestion, and stress.  As a bonus, the orange, tangerine, and spearmint essential oils may also lift your mood.         
June 22nd - July 22nd Birthday People
If your birthday falls between June 22nd and July 22nd your astrological sign is Cancer. Cancer people have a tendency to have problems with their upper digestive system (stomach), uterus and mammary glands.  Herbs and foods for Cancer allow for a higher degree of sensibility to help them flow with the rhythm of life: aloe, bladderwrack, chickweed, coconut, cucumber, dulse, eucalyptus, grape, jasmine, lemon, lettuce, mesquite, papaya, turnip, willow, wintergreen. The Herb Stop has formulated a delicious tea for Cancerians, as well as an aromatherapy roll-on. 

Written By Leilah


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