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Cancer Tea

Cancer Tea

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100% Natural

June 23rd – July 23rd Birthday People

If your birthday falls between June 23rd and July 23rd your astrological sign is Cancer, the fourth house of the Zodiac. Additionally, if your astrological chart shows many planets in Cancer, or if your Moon or Ascendant at the time of your birth were in Cancer you may also want to balance possible Cancer health conditions with herbs and natural remedies. The Moon is the planetary ruler, the emotional planet. If you are not familiar with Astrology you may want to contact an astrologer or go to this website to find out about your birth chart:

Cancerians have a tendency to have problems with their digestion (especially from a weak stomach), breasts, and reproductive system. They may suffer from indigestion, eating disorders due to emotional imbalances, constipation, depression, brain chemistry imbalance, edema, breast problems (females), and sensitive teeth or gums. Choose herbs and vibrational essences for Cancerians to support the nervous system, balance their mood swings, strengthen the digestive system, and fortify the reproductive system. Cancer herbs are ruled by the Moon and their actions work with the subconscious mind, and are for emotions and instincts.  They bring a higher degree of sensibility and help Cancerians flow with the rhythm of life. Moon herbs are: bladderwrack, buchu, cabbage, calamus, chickweed, club moss, coconut, cucumber, dulse, gardenia, grape, Irish moss, jasmine, lemon, lily, lotus, mallow, mesquite, myrrh, papaya, poppy, purslane, sandalwood, turnip, willow, and wintergreen.

Cancerians feel very deeply, and the quality most needed is to balance their emotional ups and downs. Just as the Moon influences large bodies of water on earth, with high and low tides, so does the Moon affect the deep emotional feelings of the Cancerian. 

The following ingredients were carefully selected for Cancerians:

  • Chocolate and Caramel Rooibos and Tea comforts the highly empathic Cancerian. 
  • Jasmine soothes the emotions and hormones of the sensitive Cancerian.
  • Pink Roses create a lifting feeling and bring in beauty to the intuitive and romantic Cancerian.
  • Chrysanthemum, known as "gold flower" calms and soothes the emotional Cancerian.
  • Eleuthero Root supports the emotions, hormones and manages stress levels of the involved and intuitive Cancerian.
  • Suma, known as "para todo" (for everything), is balancing and supportive to the whole body for the imaginative Cancerian.
  • Rhodiola strengthens and shields the wise and intuitive Cancerian from harshness in the world.
Ingredients: Caramel Rooibos (Rooibos, Calendula Petals & Natural Flavors), Chocolate Caramel Rooibos (Rooibos, Vanilla Pieces, Cacao Beans, Cacao Peel, Sunflower Petals & Natural Flavors), Organic Pink Roses, Jasmine Flowers, Organic Rhodiola Root, Suma Root, Organic Chrysanthemum Flowers, and Organic Eleuthero Root.

        Suggested Use: Drink 1 cup as desired.

        Bottled in the USA by The Herb Stop

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