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Chili Cocoa Steak Rub

Chili Cocoa Steak Rub

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Certified Organic, 100% Natural & Vegan
This special blend of ancho chili and cocoa provides a tantalizing balance of sweet and mild heat, giving any protein a delicious, complex depth of flavor.

This robust rub is composed of multiple layers of flavor, such as a subtle sweetness, smokiness, and spiciness. Cocoa infuses depth and complexity to chili, making it ideal for seasoning steaks, chops, ribs, and brisket. Additionally, its versatility extends to chili and full-bodied soups.

Ingredients: Organic Garlic, Organic Cumin, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Ancho Chili Pepper, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Onion, and Organic Cocoa.

2.5 oz

Bottled in the USA by The Herb Stop

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