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Defining Reality


100% Natural & Vegan*
The vibration of this essence is helpful for those who are highly fixed on an outcome or end result, living too much in the future and feeling impatient. They forget where they are and the next step to take. The lesson here is to remember to fully experience life, rather than simply move through time.

The vibration of centipede represents life’s many foot prints; many footsteps into the future. The emphasis is placed on the footsteps themselves, rather than the destiny. This essence does not intensify your focus, it defines your focus, defining each step you take in life, allowing you to focus on the here and now, without getting lost in the future. If you look too far out, you forget to focus on where you are and your next step in life. If a centipede did not focus on its footsteps, it would trip over itself all the time.

Ingredients: The life force collected from Giant Desert Centipede, transferred into distilled water and preserved with grape alcohol.
*No animals were harmed or disturbed during the essence making process. Essences do not contain any animal parts, rather the essence holds the energy of the animal.

Suggested Use: 3 drops, 3 times daily, or as directed.

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