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Finding Family


100% Natural & Vegan
This essence is good for group leaders, teachers , sales people, priests, counselors, government workers, politicians, aldermen, mayors. This essence captures the concept, “Togetherness and Trust”. It creates the feeling of comfort when you are with other people.

On an emotional level, this essence helps you to feel more confident, and you will feel more connected to other people.

On a mental level, you will see the world on a broader scale. You will think more in terms of community than individuality.

Spiritually, this essence is centered on the family. Humanity as a family; community is a family, and all people are extensions of your inner self. Finding Family essence promotes mediated compatibility, a strong communal energy. It is an attraction of similarities. It helps you to see the similarities in people and you are drawn to them for that reason.

Ingredients: The life force collected at the Gathering of Nations, transferred and stabilized in distilled water and preserved with grape alcohol.

Suggested Use: 3 drops, 3 times daily, or as directed.

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