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Inner Sanctuary


100% Natural & Vegan
This essence is made from Pyrite, which is often referred to as “fool’s gold”, but its vibration is quite high. The essence will bring clarity into your life, allowing a clearer view of things. The essence focuses upon the inner vision, producing an effect similar to clairvoyance.

On a physical level, this essence has an impact on the cellular structure. Not unlike Selenium, it can inhibit cell changes. Good for individuals who find themselves in a position where the cellular body is changing, i.e. cancer, blemishes. Can be used topically and internally. Given that it has that element of altering the cellular body, this essence is named “Inner Sanctuary”. It gives you that inner vision, which helps you be a little more confident in yourself. When you are more confident you make better and wiser choices in life, or less “foolish” choices. It has this element of feeling more secure in yourself, which has an impact on changing the cellular structure.

Ingredients: The life force collected from Pyrite, transferred into distilled water and preserved with grape alcohol.

Suggested Use: 3 drops, 3 times daily, or as directed.

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