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Meditation Release


100% Natural & Vegan
On an emotional level, this essence has a stilling effect. It is not calming, since stilling has a different meaning. To calm yourself is to slow down, to take the highs and lows away from the full spectrum of your consciousness. Stilling, is to completely still your consciousness. It places you outside of time, and disassociates your mind from physical reality. It is the consciousness that is experienced in deep meditation.

On a spiritual level, this essence expands and deepens divine understanding. The pituitary and pineal glands come into synchronicity, which generates a higher inner visual presentation of one’s life. You see deeper, broader, and attain a greater awareness. For those that are very adapt in meditation, it takes them to greater and deeper levels of reality. This essence also helps people who experience self-imposed limitations, even in meditative states, to move beyond those perceived limits. Limits do not exist, they are created in the mind. If you meditate on an intent, for example, astral travel, where you want to consciously disassociate yourself from your physical reality and perceive it from your astral body, you increase your probabilities of doing so by using this essence.

On a physical level, this essence calms the center of the body, especially the thymus and the spleen, where it actually balances the energy vibrations. When you do that the body’s chakric system, or core energies, come into symmetry and harmony with the internal organs of the body.

Ingredients: Sweetgrass and White Sage extract, Rose hydrosol, Silver vibrational essence, preserved in grape alcohol.

Suggested Use: 3 drops, 3 times daily, or as directed.

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