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Pathway Enhancement

Pathway Enhancement

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100% Natural & Vegan
In most people this essence triggers heightened clairvoyant abilities. If someone is on the edge of being aware of his or her own clairvoyance, the essence will help it to manifest. This essence also enables emotional assertiveness. For example, if someone has low self-esteem and is self-judgmental, they are more likely to hold in their emotions, because they don’t want to be noticed. This essence will allow their emotions to be more expressive. It will remove the blocks to emotional expression.

On a physical level, this essence is a digestive aid. It balances the acids in the gastrointestinal system and the pH balance of the body. It cleanses the colon, and the urinary tract, clears parasites, and it also clears both emotional and physical blockages.

Ingredients: The life force collected from Mugwort, transferred into distilled water and preserved with grape alcohol.

Suggested Use: 3 drops, 3 times daily, or as directed.

Made in the USA by The Herb Stop
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