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Perceptual Cleansing


100% Natural & Vegan
This essence is a mind perception detoxifier, good for people who are pessimistic — people who see the glass half empty instead of half full. Do you know people who have negative thought patterns? You say to them:” How are you?” They answer:” Oh well”… and go off on a tangent of all the things that are wrong in their life. You can get into that cycle where everything appears to be clouded. You feel bad, you don’t feel like meeting the day, you look out, and it is sunny and bright you say, “Oh well, it is just too hot.” If it is raining you say, “Oh its wet, dreary.” You don’t have positive thoughts, but instead chains of negative thoughts. This essence is good for clearing the attitude that “everything goes wrong, and I can’t make anything happen.” On the extreme side, for people who believe in curses, this essence will work for them psychologically. It will change the perception of a curse in their mind.

Note: Curses are negative thought forms. Some people can have such a strong mind that they are able to project their intent on a person. To the recipient it can feel like a heavy cloud, and in some cultures this is thought of as a curse. A curse doesn’t exist unless you believe in it. You allow it to be part of your reality when you let the thought take hold in your mind. This essence will clean the thought from your mind and allow the curse to be lifted.

Those patterns that are set very strongly in the cellular pattern can take some time to clear out. Taking this essence for a 7 day cycle one can see an improvement. A 33 day cycle is strongly suggested to break the very foundation of the pattern. The number 33 When you look at the physical anatomy, and in order to change a psychological pattern, it takes 33 days. 33 is the number that creates a physical impact. For example, someone with a programmed idea: “I can never find a parking place”. If you had said to yourself, before you left home, 33 times, I will find a parking place, you will increase your probabilities from the mid 20% to 90 %. If you have a physical condition, smoking, and an addiction to such, it takes 33 days to break the physical pattern of addiction, as well as the emotional and mental pattern. Thus, you have broken the pattern on all levels, not necessarily the craving; therefore, you will need to follow up on such with other essences.

Ingredients: The life force collected from White Sage, transferred into distilled water and preserved with grape alcohol.

Suggested Use: For moderate cases: 4 drops 4 times daily;  For extreme cases: 9 drops 4 times daily.

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