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Sense of Self in Earth Awareness

Sense of Self in Earth Awareness

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100% Natural & Vegan
This essence has a strong grounding effect. It is ideal for highly intellectual people, or for those who are caught up within spiritual realities, because it will ground them. It is also helpful for those who have mind disorders, because of the essence’s grounding effect.

On a physical level, this essence is helpful for those with dietary problems, allergies, etc., because it assists the gastrointestinal system with digestion and assimilation. It is particularly good for people who have grain allergies. This essence has an antibiotic contingency as well, and is useful as a generalized antibiotic for most infections on a broad-spectrum basis. It is also an immune booster, it enhances the immune system.

Ingredients: The life force collected from Mullein, transferred into distilled water and preserved with grape alcohol.

Suggested Use: 3 drops, 3 times daily, or as directed.

Made in the USA by The Herb Stop
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