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Steak & Chop Rub


Certified Organic, 100% Natural & Vegan
Meat Rubs are a great way to infuse foods with flavor, and they're easy to use.

To use a Meat Rub, as the name implies, simply rub the seasoning into the meat before cooking. Some cooks like to rub the meat with lemon juice or a little oil before adding the spices. Others like to score the meat with a knife and then rub the spices into it. Some cooks wrap and refrigerate the meat for about half an hour or so after rubbing, to let the flavors penetrate the meat. For use on tofu simply sprinkle on before cooking.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Onion, Organic Thyme, Organic Tarragon & Organic Bay.

2.5 oz

Bottled in the USA by The Herb Stop

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