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Sweet Birch Essential Oil (Adirondack)

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100% Natural & Vegan
Traditionally used as a circulatory stimulant, warming and pain relieving. Birch has been believed to be highly effective in relieving the pain of sore muscles, joints, tendons, sprains, arthritis and rheumatism. Commonly used as a skin softener and for preventing dandruff.

Adirondack Birch essential oil is distilled by first allowing the bark to macerate in warm water for 10-12 hours. The distillation is quite difficult, not only because of low yields, but this essential oil is heavier than water and must be collected from the bottom of the collection container instead of the top.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Betula lenta (Adirondack Sweet Birch) Essential Oil.  FCC.

Origin: USA 
Part(s) Used: Bark 
Method: Steam Distilled

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